I met my future wife in economics class my freshmen year, she saw me in the dorm a few day later and once we started talking it went on for hours. I was amazed that this gorgeous woman was talking to me and actually seemed to be enjoying herself. We dated and one evening we went from kissing on her bed to full on naked sex, she leaned over and pulled out a condom out of her nightstand and I was thinking that I was in real trouble. She told me not to get the wrong idea about her she just really liked me and wanted to be prepared, she was not a virgin and neither was I and I certainly liked the idea that she was thinking about having sex with me ahead of time.
We dated all summer and in the fall I became an RA with my own room about a month into the semester I pretty much had a permanent roommate and it was Bunny, I nicknamed her that because she is a rabbit when it comes to sex. She loves it and she tells me that it is one of the best parts of being a woman, I do not really care why she loves it because everyone knows that if a woman wants to have sex then your having sex.
Her absolute favorite position is on top of me and she can pound herself onto me harder then I ever thought a woman could do. She plants her hands on my chest and gets her feet under her and just bounces on me like crazy, most of the time I have marks left behind on my chest from her finger nails but I could care less. I love watching her body and facial expressions as she grinds herself to an orgasm, boobs bouncing, watching her squeeze her nipples as she rocks around on my cock then fingers her clit furiously as she orgasms.
We have been married for twenty one years now and she is just as gorgeous and horny as she was back then, she asked me a few months ago if I was getting bored with her and I was thinking to myself why would she ask that right after we just had like an hour of sex. I told her hell no I am not bored with her and we had another great sex round with her sucking on me for a really long time. She will also do that to me sometimes telling me that we do not have time for sex so let me just suck you off really quick, fucking amazing.

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  • Fantastic post ! I'm both envious and very happy for you ! Keep it going.

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