Im a crossdressing sissy gay man in my twenties

My first time sucking a penis was in the fourth grade on a holiday with the son of my family's friend. He initiated it and before long I was lovingly sucking him. He jerked and I got some boy presemen in my mouth. It was one time thing and we really never had much to do with each other other than that holiday.

It wasn't until college where I had to share a room with another guy that I noticed my habit of checking out the guys in the shower. Not only their penis, but I paid just as much attention to their ass and legs. You think you aren't going to be noticed but I was noticed and I got called out for it. An older guy who was a graduate assistant in our math class caught me at a party and put me down and forced his dick in my mouth in front of everyone. He finished by fucking me over the back of the sofa. Being gay meant you did the sucking and bottoming. The guy who's dick you sucked or fucked you wasn't gay.

I was embarrassed but I fell in love with him. He was a dominant guy and to be able to hand around him I had to keep up with his chores, I got all the girl chores and when I did chores I had to wear panties and an apron. I spent a lot of time with his dick in my mouth and he fucked me two or three times a week. I was his 'girlfriend' because he had me wear girl clothes when we went out. I worshiped him and no chore was demeaning enough for me not to do it.

I kept the habit of doing housework in panties and an apron and I gravitated instinctively to dominant alpha males. I preferred anal sex face down but if he wanted me to be a girl and have missionary I would do it that way. I developed a strong like for kissing and being 'mauled'. My desire was to please him. Any way he was pleased.

Today I wear panties and enjoy being a girl when I go out. I keep my hair long enough and I have an earring and necklace collection. I wear rings and paint my nails and use makeup and prefer skirts and dresses to pants. I have been picked up by straight men and I will go along until they want to stop. Several straight men went all the way with me, oral sex and performing anal sex with me. There is definitely a type of man who wants a dressed up 'boy''.

Well that's it for now, I am serving tonight and I am wearing my thong panties and short apron. I am wearing make up, earrings and a gold necklace. I will be barefoot and topless and wear a mask across my eyes.

Jul 12
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    • I was a 4th grade bottom on white cotton boy's underpants with a high-school boy in a secret wooded fuck place. Boy's underpants were strewn about the area and I wondered if he'd fucjed all those boy's? By 5th grade I had panties on and cute little sundresses by 6th.

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