Want a MFM with my wife....

I told my wife of my fantasy to fu*ck her with another man... she wasn't too interested! I want to see her standing naked between us whilst we touch and kiss her all over... she will then go on her knees and give her one of her great blowjobs. Then we'll swap positions and make her cum again and again.... my dream position would be me and my wife in a 69 whilst he fcks her so I can watch and lick whilst he cums in my wife... why won't she say yes to a clearly wonderful experience...!!

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  • Get her drunk. Got my wife drunk on vacation and made a friend at the pool and invited him and his friends up to our room to smoke a joint, the guy had pot. I told my wife that the guy wanted to come up and smoke with us and she was excited. While smoking the joint on the balcony she was on my lap, there were 3 guys with us. I undid her top and let her tits out while she was taking a toke on the joint. She was so high and drunk she didn’t even react until she passed me the joint. She covered her boobs with her arm and sat on my lap so I put my hands up to her boobs and just started rubbing them and squeezing them. She laid her back to my chest and I exposed her boobs and touched them in front of all the guys. The guys kept smoking, I took her inside and laid her on the bed and started kissing her body, took off her shorts and panties and went down on her with the guys seeing from the balcony. I got on the bed and put my dick in her mouth and waved the guys in. We all had a turn on her while the rest watched and smoked and she didn’t say a word, just did anything we wanted. That was so damn hot. Everyone was very cool with her and enjoyed her very much.

  • I agree with you. Nest way to get your wife to do something she normally wouldn't do is take her on vacation far away and get her drunk. My fantasy had always been to see my wife fuck another guy. She used to tell me no for years until we went on vacation in Hawaii and she got drunk. She fucked this guy without hesitation right in our hotel room while she gave me a blowjob.

  • A lot of women don't go there because they are afraid that they will be labeled as sluts. I've been trying to get my wife to have a threesome with a friend (or one of hers) and she always says no. It's been that way for years. The closest we've come is having same room sex next to a friend couple when we went away for a weekend, but there was no swapping or threesome action.

  • She won’t say yes because it’s crazy, it’s too much for her to think about. It’s got to be spontaneous. Get her drunk and horny and bring in a stranger. Get her drunk and then take her to a dance club and tell her to dance sexy with guys, tell her to do it for you because it’ll turn you on. Then go from there.

  • I’ve shared my wife 6 times and we’ve never planned it

  • The reason why you have to ask is the same reason you will never understand why. Men and women have totally different wired brains. To guys it would be a dream come true if his wife wanted to watch him have sex with another woman. So it must be equally arousing to the woman if her husband wanted her to have sex with another guy, right? Wrong. Wives look at as if there is something wrong with them. Well there has to be something wrong with her if her own husband doesn't care that another man has sex with his wife, right? Wrong. And that is the reason why fantasies are just fantasies, nothing more.

  • I agree 100%. I love dirty talk with my girlfriend and have her tell me she wants another cock but I would never do it with someone I had feelings for.

  • Talked to my wife about a threesome turns out it was guy she knew. Worked out well let her do a male friend of her choice . Her , I and her male friend spent three years in a live in threesome it was great

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