Hiking trail fun

I will not bore you with a long drawn out story full of all the anticipation and anxiousness I had afterwards for a few hours. I walk a certain hiking trail about three times a week during the morning usually and sometimes on the weekend and bring my husband along. I told him about a fantasy I had about being grabbed on the trail and dragged off into the woods where I would be stripped and played with by someone. I smiled at him and asked him if he knew anyone that wanted to do that to me. He made a sarcastic comment to me about knowing a few bad men that would do that for me. I laughed back and told a few was okay but not to many, we laughed again and I grabbed his hand and pulled him off into the woods to give him a blow job.
It had been a few months since that fantasy sharing walk and oral that followed, I was walking along the pathway when suddenly I had a large pillow case feeling sack thrown over my head and pulled practically to my ankles. I was then hoisted up over a shoulder and carried into the woods, my fantasy was coming true although slightly different than I had imagined. I told him he had better let me go because my husband was a real asshole and would kill him if he got caught, no response from my attacker.
Quickly moving forward, I was bound on my back with my legs pulled apart, ankles secured to two trees with rope. Arms were tied behind my back and the sack never got above my neck but after all of me was secured a gloved hand came under the sack and pushed a gag in my mouth, very rubbery taste and secured behind my neck. I thought to myself, wow, he is really going all out with this, I am really turned on by it all.
My shirt and bra were pushed up to my neck also then without regard to how nice they were my good yoga/walking pants were cut out around my upper thighs exposing all of me to the great outdoors. I had to admit it he was playing this one like a real deal. His mouth came down on my breast sucking in my nipple quite a bit while a glove was squeezing my other breast, it was then that I felt a funny feeling on my skin, rough long prickly things were rubbing me and when he slid his face across to my other nipple it came to me, it was a mustache. My husband had never had one as long as I knew him and pictures I had seen of him before then he never had one. I thought, my god who is licking me, panic went through my mind as his mustache made its way down my front side and put itself right on my vagina. I was moaning out, moving my hips around but to no end, he had me pinned to the ground with his arms wrapped around my hips, hands against my stomach, tongue making my clit feel well stroked. I began making a lot of noise through my nose which was greeted with his fingers over the hood closing it. He held it for me for a good time then let go and I breathed in hard spreading my lips out and breathing thru my teeth best as I could, he plunged his tongue back into me and licked me for a long time. I squirmed around but again to no end, I had a huge orgasm from all the excitement and his constant stimulation. I then felt him getting on top of me and a huge penis started pushing against me sliding in and out with enough girth that I knew for sure this was not my husband now, my ankles strained at the ropes wrapped around them as he pushed me a little bit with his motions. I was getting fucked now, no other word for it as I felt that huge penis thrusting in and out of me.
He finished up and then moved my arms to the front of me wrapping them up in rope again, I had no idea what was next but I laid there waiting and waiting. I moved my hands up to my face and pulled the hood off of me, I looked around and saw no one. I panicked now getting my hands undone was just a matter of unwrapping them, no knots held them together. I pulled the gag out of my mouth and then untied my ankles which were just done up with a bow knot. He made it easy for me to get undone but I was still breathing really hard because I had no idea who had just done this to me. Part of me kept saying call the police while the other part said but he did not hurt you, other than stretching me out a little, it had to have been Tom but that penis was to big.
I drove home and calmed down telling myself there was no way a stranger just did this to me, it had to have been my husband so I waited for him to call me but he never did so around lunch time I phoned him. He was sounding totally normal, no strange sounding questions at all, I could not bring myself to ask him over the phone so I figured I would wait until later when we went to bed.
I always get my lotions out of my nightstand when getting ready for bed, I leaned down and pulled back the covers and there laid a mustache, a really good fake one. He was standing in the doorway of the bathroom brushing his teeth smiling at me and I let out a deep breath and smiled back at him. He came to bed and we kissed deeply but I asked him what he used to make his penis so large. He told me I was going to laugh when I saw it, he got up and went to the closet and came back with this latex penis, it was thin and fit over him when he was erect. He told me it actually hurt a little bit getting it off of himself because it stuck to the skin really good. We made love that night and I told him that it was the best and scariest fantasy of my life, I told him that he really pulled this one off good.


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  • We did the tie up stuff for a while. I ended it after someone made a dog mount me.

  • I'm 27 and married.When I was in my mid teens, a burglar broke into our place.He was scared off by my dad.Since then I've always imagined scenarios where things went differently,like my parents not being there and the burglar having his way with me.I don't know but its developed into a bit of a fantasy and i told my hubby i wanted us to act it out.So one night he was out having drinks with friends,I simply text "tonight" and he replied "ok".I got ready for bed and dressed exactly how i was back then,panties and a small vest.I was so nervous I couldn't fall asleep then at around 2 in the morning i heard to bedroom door open slowly,I looked but it was pitch black.Then he climbed on top off me and covered my mouth.With the other hand he reached down and tore my panties off then ripped the strings of my vest exposing my breasts.I heard him fumble with his belt and zip.Then he parted my legs and I was so wet already that he just slid his cock straight in me.I let out a muffled moan.He fucked me hard for a solid 15 minutes before I had an orgasm then he turned me over onto my tummy and fucked me from behind,I bit the pillow and held onto the headboard tightly.I came again within 10 minutes because I was so turned on.Then I heard him groan and he thrust sharply 5 times into me.He didn't say a word as he got up and pulled his trousers back on.Then he left quickly.I lay in the dark smiling and quivering slightly.I eventually fell asleep and in the morning I went downstairs in just my ripped vest around my waist.My hubby was at the table having coffee.He asked if I liked that and I said "oh yes".He backed me to the sofa and pushed me on it,then spread my legs and fucked me again.

  • He's a keeper

  • Holy wow! I wish my partner would invest in role play that deeply.

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