I'm a 37 year old mum of 4. I have a very high sex drive, and although my husband and I have great sex, it's only every 7-10 days, on his terms. I on the other hand would fuck all day , every day.
I've recently been laying on my front on the bed to read, and I've noticed when I do, I get really aroused and press into the mattress hard and I orgasm. Now I've humped a few pillows, naked before and have climaxed eventually, but this is different. I'm fully clothed and I climax quicker. Since I've discovered this, I'm like a who're around the house. I'm humping everything, I love stacking pillows at the edge of the bed, and I stand up and thrust into the pillow as if I'm fucking it, I come instantly. Or I stick pillows on the bed and get on top and I pretend I'm a guy fucking a woman. I humped my bed post this morning.

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  • My wife’s friend a sexy fit gorgeous blonde wife 42 years old on her second marriage left her husband. She made a comment he was very boring in bed. She later divorced him. She started fucking young guys, married guys and then even a few black guys.
    Trust me everyone, I could have or would have never let her go. She is that hot.
    I would have easily fucked Her every day even let her live out her deepest wildest fantasies she is that sexy and hot.
    I would have become a “cuckold “ easily for her

  • Wow that’s an amazing story would love to know what your body looks like

  • Uk size 12. Big arse, big boobies, shoulder length brunette beach waves. XD

  • I would fuck my wife every day multiple times shame she isn't a sex fiend like you let's hook up

  • I have been pregnant 4 times in my life and all 4 times during my whole pregnancy I was horny as hell. I would have fucked my husband a dozen times a day if he would have wanted it. I knew I was pregnant from the time I conceived because I was horny for 9 months straight. I was so bad that if I moved right I would orgasm. I begged my husband for sex all the time, but after the first 2 or 3 weeks he couldn't do it anymore. During my first pregnancy, like you was would jump pillows to get off. During my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy I used vibrators, but the batteries were costly. My 4th pregnancy I happened across a young man who bragged about being able to fuck nonstop for 12 hours a day. I asked my husband what he thought and he said as long as I didn't fall in love with him or continue the affair after the pregnancy he was fine with me fucking him. So almost every day I would go over to this guys house during the day when my husband was at work and I fucked him for hours on end. I did it right up to birthday. I even had sex with him that day and gave birth that night. The next day I called him and told him I would no longer be seeing him. I still have his number in case I get pregnant again.

  • Sounds like your husband needs to step up and take care of his woman's needs. In the meantime, keep on rubbing.

  • You sound pretty hot

  • I love to push myself against the corner of the washer while it is running a load of clothes, orgasms are great from it. I am also a pillow humper like yourself and we have an arm chair that is wonderful to grind against as well.

  • I sit on top of it, and I spread myself, so I really feel it against my pussy. My husband has mentioned how clean I keep the washer and dryer and I just say I’m OCD.

  • When you say you humped your bed post, do you mean you slid it into your pussy or you just ground against it

  • Use vibrator/dildo instead. It will give you enormous orgasms whenever you want!! You may use it while umping your pillow etc.

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