How stupid am I

For about the last three years my husband has only wanted anal sex occasionally he does like a blow job and gets one whenever he wants, I have thought for a long while our sexual relationship was too much one sided as I sort of needed a cock in my cunt, so foolishly now I had a bit of an outburst telling him if he did not want to go in my vagina I think I have a guy at work that will, the following Saturday one of his friends came over they grabbed me and cuffed me then stripped me and layed me on the floor, his friend opened a bag and advised he would be piecing my cunt lips two holes each side, Oh it hurt and he put in two dumbells, my husband said we have to continually turn those for three weeks then I will decide if you get permanently locked rings or padlocks that I can release, your choice if your a good girl you will be locked, your boyfriend will never get into you darling, start being nice OK.
I am being real nice now and anal plus oral is pretty good, I really think I should not have created this situation, so girls if you have it good don't rock the boat



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  • I am locked two little padlocks, my husband holds the keys and where they are I have no idea, it really feels very sexy being in chastity and they look very nice obviously I am certainly not going to play around with anyone soon I have really learnt my lesson and am very obedient and nice to my husband letting him have anal or giving him blow jobs whenever he likes, as a reward for his services his piercing mate gets a blow job per week for 3 months, he now wants to pierce my nipples

  • Report him to the Police and leave him!

  • Sounds like a total crock of BS to me. If it were true, a quick trip to the gynocolgist followed by a trip to the police dept. would land your husband and his buddy in jail for a long time, where they could have all thebutt sex they wanted, and you would be free to get all the cock your vag desires, after it heals up.

  • Your husband and his friends should be in jail for what they did. Report them to the police.

  • Submit to your husband!

  • That will certainly teach you because it sounds like your a bit of a smart ass bitch "I have someone who will" well I am so happy you regret those words wonder if you will show your boyfriend your locked cunt, better hope that's what you get instead of the permanent rings and don't forget he can always change his mind so be a good girl now eh ?

  • Please , just shut up you sound stupid. Maybe he should stop being so fucking selfish and pleasure her the way she wants. He's just mad because he knows she would have found somebody who would have done her better.

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