Question for all the white ladies out there.
I'm a white female myself. Just wonder what is the fascination with white girls wanting to be with black guys?

I have read so many stories and watched several porn videos. With black guys dominating. I myself never been with a black guy but always have been curious. Does anyone have good stories ?

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  • I am 23 and been with only one Blue Black a 17 year old from Kenya who happens to be our neighbors son.
    I'm not going to share my ordeal with him for it's still ongoing.


  • I myself have been with 4 black guys overtime . I just find them cute funny and different. Sex with them is more intense they seem to have more aggression. I been dating black guys since 2013. Haven't dated a white guy since 2012.

  • Scumbag wrote her own ticket. Now, as she confesses to, NO white man will consider her for mating material. She thought she was some kind of bigshot until word spread. Now ask her how them empty, lonely weekends are going for her.

  • Don’t take a big dick to make a girl cum most of us do it with a finger or to 2 its more this skill that’s used.
    I think men care more about dick sizes then we do but that’s just my 2 cents

  • That's affirmative girl. Men are so much more wrapped up about penis size than we are. Then they let some foolish rumor spread to this day regarding de myth of african men somehow having a larger endowment of genitalia.
    Believe me, that is so untrue I bet my uncle's house on it. They need to give it a rest.

  • Getting with black guys is basic bítch shít. Although it's not always the case most of the one's who do are brainless bimbo's with the personality of a piece of burnt toast.

  • You're curious. You've always been curious. Since this is a long term curiosity, it isn't going to quit. You're stuck with it. The only question here is whether you're going to scratch that itch.

    Here's a thought to consider.

    In our youth, we sometimes regret the things we've done. But as we mature, we increasingly regret the things we haven't done.

  • Speak for yourself, fool. Your ludicrous 'thought' only refers to the disorder of second guessing, of which you appear to have an obsession with to waste time. You should try looking for employment.

  • I'm of the opinion that you can't generalize about race--assholes come in all colors. I'm pasty white, female, and married to a white guy, but have had sex with Hispanic and black guys in the past. I have to be attracted to a guy's personality and mind, not just his body. That being said, fucking different colored guys is a turn-on for reasons even I don't quite understand. I know the black guys I fucked felt the same way, and it made the orgasms that much better imo.

  • The above written by a n_i_gg_e_r trying to support the left's radical catastrophe of "race mixing" & cross breeding. People with such beliefs are a detriment to society and should be held accountable for their vitrioholic rhetoric that escalates tensions & social unrest.

  • I also find them rude, disrespectful and honestly I'm not attracted to them at all. It's my former man that got off watching me with one.

  • My husband loved to watch me get just used up by black guys too. I learned to like it enough. Got pregnant, had a beautiful kid. Can’t bitch about it now I guess.

  • You're damn right scumbag. Your contradiction in terms proves how stupid one can be. One CANNOT have anything beautiful from impregnation by a n_i_gg_e_r. You birthed a despicable MUNGREL & nothing more plus your vaginal cavity is contaminated for life.

  • That is so sexy. My wife started to date a very good looking black guy, I know she is riding him bareback. Its such a turn on if she gets pregnant.

  • I myself find they are usely disrespectful

  • I myself would like to think of my pussy as the United Nations, where I have opened the door (legs) to every type of man out there. To me it's nothing special

  • .... Further proof of the perpetuality : "a cunt is just a cunt."

  • You should talk with my girlfriend best friend, all she talks about is black cock!

  • My wifes best friend is the same. She is always talking to her about her black lovers.

  • Really why?

  • Of fuck this place is littered with BBC stories. GO READ.

  • If you’re on this site and you haven’t seen a BBC story you’re not trying

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