Gave it up to my boss

Back during the recession in '08-'09 my company was undergoing a lot of downsizing. At the time a lot of people in my department were getting laid off. I was the only one in the family working, and to keep my job I told my boss I'd give him blow jobs, which I did. We did that weekly for a month before he said he wanted some pussy too. I agreed to give him some, and we'd fuck in his office regularly, usually on Friday afternoons after work. I didn't enjoy it at first, but soon learned to relax and eventually was able to get off with him.

I don't work there anymore, as I landed a better job, but my husband has no clue that I fucked my boss about a hundred times during that span.

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  • Years ago I worked in a custom photo lab as a receptionist. The owner was really sexy but very frugal. I told him I’d suck his dick anytime he wanted if he gave me a 10% raise. I told him I’d sneak into the darkroom when he was developing photos and suck his dick for as long as he wanted. He gave me a 12% raise in cash right there on the spot. I followed him into the darkroom and kneeled between his legs and he flops out this MONSTER dick! It was FAT and had to be 8 inches long and it was totally soft! I realized I was going to be EARNING this 12%! It worked out perfect. I got a FAT raise while I got a FAT dick to suck on but he never got super hard so sucking him off was easy. He bumped it up to 15% after I told him I wanted to feel that fat monster in my pussy. THAT was heaven! I had orgasm after orgasm because his dick was SO THICK!!! And I got a 15% raise on top of it!!!

  • I work for a few different managers but none of them are my boss, I report to their senior manager. He was giving me my review a few years back and he started out with the typical it has been a lean year, head winds hit the company hard, the normal things they say when they do not want to give you much of a raise. I was staring at him and said what would be my percentage increase if I blew you every week for the rest of the year?
    He was silent for a second then told me a percentage, I countered and he told me yes. I got up and told him to get ready for his first one, he looked at me with a sort of shocked face and asked if I was serious. I told him I guess I better wait to see if you are going to give me the increase, he told me he would make it happen for sure.
    Men are so easy.

  • I actually supervise a team at my work, but of course I have a boss higher than me too. He's really handsome, married, fit, dresses well, 38 years old. I'm attractive, and he always complimented me on my looks. First it was about my clothes, but then the comments were more like "your hips look great in that skirt" or "your legs look great in those stockings". I could sense the chemistry.

    We go on business trips a lot and my husband doesn't know that we fuck like rabbits while we're gone. I don't fuck him for advancement or anything, it's just nice to have someone different every once in a while. He's never leaving his wife and I'm never leaving my husband, but I think of him as a side-boyfriend almost. Sex with him is so much different than with my husband and I'm not going to lie, I really enjoy working out with him.

  • My wife confessed to consensual sex with her boss. But I wonder, if she didn't have sex, how her job situation would have been. I believe she was overpaid.
    She says we were only going together. I knew she was fucking someone else. Didn't know who. He was 45 and fucking 2 other young ladies in her office, plus a bank teller they dealt with. It was a fortune 100 company. I said she should look up the 2 girls and go Me Too with a lawyer. She laughed, said she a crush on him -- and he usually took her to lunch on Fri then fucked her in his van -- she'd have the rest of the day off with pay. He was married.

  • I had a manager that was a complete idiot, he hired me and after about a year and half I was looking for another job. I have no idea how he even got to manager level because most conversations I overheard were always negative.
    One day during a one on one he started complimenting me not only on my work but also my attire and body telling me that I really knew how to dress to impress. I took it all in stride and let him carry on like this for several weeks then set him up by recording our meetings after notifying HR. I wore an outfit that I knew he would find irresistible and just before our meeting undid one more button. He fell into it all the way up to his empty head, complete moron wrapped up in a suit and tie, during our meeting he actually asked me if my panties were lacy like my bra is and I told him our meeting was over and left the room.
    He was gone the next day, my coworker showed me an email he received from him outlining what a conniving woman I was and all the men better watch out for their jobs. I told him that some people are just complete idiots

  • You bitch. One day it’ll catch up to you.

  • I had a physical affair with my manager back then during the same years, i was 22 and he was 35, unfortunately it got out of control when my manager’s manager caught us going hard at it one afternoon and insisted on joining in. (he was late 40s) this then turned into a weekly thing getting spitroasted by those two and i got a raise and several bonus’s but after that it got weirder with the top manager inviting other district managers and booking hotels. resulting in several months of being used like an animal by 4 or 5 guys all old enough to be my father, and a questioning boyfriend as the guilt made our sex life die off for awhile.
    eventually i built up the courage and asked to leave, with the added bonus of them all giving me a one off leaving payment to keep quiet! the guilt makes me regret it but the experience was something i will alway remember

  • Sort of glad you topped my wife's 3 guys from work in the late 70's. She was 22 to 25, fresh off being a college slut. But she was hot.
    She confessed, half bragged about it. Got a big kick out of giving a married guy in his 40's his first BJ. Said we were only going together, and she went with me and another guy at the same time for awhile, #4 and 5. Bet there is 1 more I don't know about. She says other than one reunion 20 years ago, she's been a perfect wife. And that was a guy she went with for 3 years. I give her a pass on that one.

  • I screwed my boss for a couple of months, but it was my idea not his. I pursued him. I was young (20) and separated from my husband and he was a sexy older guy (46). He cut it off because he was afraid of getting caught by his wife, but I enjoyed every inch of him during the time that we played.

  • I was in the same situation back then and when people started getting laid off I was worried every week. I got a meeting notice one Friday afternoon and I was holding back tears as I went into his office. He told me he sensed I was stressed about the layoffs but assured me that I would not be let go, I was so relieved I joked with him that I sex was on the table to keep my job.
    We ended up having sex several times a week for quite some time and he was a great lover always giving me plenty of pleasure.

  • Whore

  • Bosses are hot, it’s the feeling of their authority over me that turns me on. I’ve never turned down a man, including my bosses. If men only knew how easy it really is, I have never turned down any guy ever. If they make a move I find it hot and I want to have sex with them.

  • I dated a girl who was the same way. She would literally fuck every guy who even half ass flirted with her. She fucked her bosses husband. She fucked my friends, my cousin, her sisters boyfriend and then her husband. I shot you not she literally fucked every guy she knew. So glad I broke up with her the first time she fucked around on me.

  • I had sex with my boss at our company holiday party. No spouses are allowed at our holiday party because some guy got jealous one time and punched out a manager. Anyway so we were obviously drunk and he whispered in my ear that he was horny. I looked at him and said I could probably take care of that for you. He took me by the hand and we found a cleaning closet. Once inside he lifted up my shirt and bra exposing me and started sucking on my boobs. I undid his pants and pulled out his cock. Then I unbuttoned my pants and told him I needed to feel him inside me. He turned me around and ripped down my pants and panties. He pushed me over against the shelfs and pushed his cock in me. He fucked me hard and fast for awhile until he finished inside me. Good thing my husband was asleep when I got home. I didn't really want to have sex with my husband after I had just sex with my boss.

  • That was hot! Please post a full confession with all the details!

  • I used to give my boss blow jobs in his office almost everyday. He never had sex with me though, just blow jobs and phone pics of me naked on his desk. My husband never found out.

  • The company I work for was only giving out so many raises after not giving out any for 3 years. My supervisor told us all that he only had enough for a 1/8 of his people so it would be based on performance. I was pretty sure I was not going to get the raise so I stopped into his office one day after work and sucked him off. He gave me one of the raises. I have no regrets eventhough I married. Never told my husband either, just said I got a raise at work.

  • Nice!!! I fucked my hubbys boss for him to get a raise. And still do every year at the Christmas party

  • And you should. Most women won't help their husbands. It's a team effort. Sex is just sex and if a wife or husband can help the spouse out by fucking their boss, they should do it.

  • Bitches will always fuck their boss to get ahead. Do you know how many women I have fucked just promising them promotions? Every time I have a new position come open at least one of the ladies in my department will suck my dick or give me their pussy for the promotion. I had a supervisor job come open and I was fucking 3 different women who wanted the job. They all knew I was fucking the others so they each tried to one up the other one. Bad thing is all 3 of them were married.

  • I fucked a girl who works for me because she was having a bad time at home.she couldn't make it to work on time. I was going to fire her until she said she would do anything. ANYTHING? I fucked her regularly and over looking her coming in late until she finally got her shit together. Now she's always on time.

  • Office sex is best sex

  • Happens more than you know. I lost my job, my husband wasn’t making enough to support us, his cousin gave me a job, which I took, but he was always making comments like you can thank me in others ways. Eventually it lead to sex. Went on for four years, then my husband got a better job and I didn’t have to work anymore. Plus we moved. So I never had to run into his cousin again

  • Same thing happened to me. My husbands cousin gave me a job, then started fucking me every day at work.

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