Late night booty

My husband is out of town right now on a business trip. Most nights I sit at home alone reading a good book. Last night I received a text message from a guy friend of mine who said him and his wife had a fight and wanted to come over. We sat and talked for a while about his problems and when I got up to get us another drink he grabbed me and pulled me onto his lap. We started kissing and before I knew it we were both naked in the bed having sex. Afterward we both swore we would never talk about what happened.

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  • Cheating whore

  • I feel sorry for your poor fool of a husband.

  • This happened with one of my exes. My husband was out of town on business and I ran into my ex boyfriend from high school who I lost my virginity to. We talked and he said he and his wife were separated. We were standing in the grocery store talking for about twenty minutes when I said let’s just go back to my house to catch up. We bought some wine and beer and went to my house. We had drinks and caught up on old times. Then, when he got up to leave he hugged me and we kissed. We ended up having sex and he spent the night with me and I called out of work the next day and we stayed in and made love. He was my first and I will always have a special place for him and I will always be there if he wants to do it again!

  • Omg this reminds me of my ex. He is such a fucking asshole dick, but there is something about him that I can't so no to. Thank God he doesn't live here in the town we grew up in, but he came back one time and he called to say he was in town. I told my husband that my bestfriend Jean was having problems and I needed to go be with her. I met up with my ex at the hotel where he was staying and he made love to me. My God that man rocks my world like no other.

  • Come, come darling a bit more explanation would be good reading, do you remember how many orgasms you had

  • She said she would never talk about what happened.

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