Guilty pleasure

I was at my friends house sleeping when i woke to see her hummping me! I was about to tell her to get off when i realized how good it felt. she leaned over me and started kissing me! Of corse the pleaser was soo good i could not resist kissing her back. I am not lesso but i am happy as long as i get some

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Babysitter, and it is worse than that

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    • Sorry it's not G/G but I can relate. Back in 2008 I'd finished my first deployment when my Dave and Suzie picked me up and had me stay with them until I could find my own place.
      I've known Dave and Suzie since high school and they've always been a tight couple, got married after school, he works with his parents HVAC business and she's a stay at home mom.
      The first night, Suzie had put their daughter to bed and we were chatting. Suzie had changed into a short t-shirt bedgown. Not to sound bad but she'd put on a few pounds since her pregnancy and was very thick. However, I could see up her gown and she was also not wearing a bra.
      Dave was off work the next day so she kept our glasses full. I'd never known Dave to drink so after two beers he was nodding out and I helped Suzie put him to bed.
      I crashed soon afterward.
      Long story, after everyone was in bed, Suzie came in my room to check on me, gave me a peck on the cheek, slid her hand into my shorts, gave me oral then we had sex.
      I secretly had sex with her while I stayed with them.

    • Lesbianism is the supreme dimension of female sexuality. Live with it as long as you can. I am into it for more than 25 yrs, I am now in my mid-40s but occasionally fuck my bfs though!!

    • I started tribbing with other girls at sleep overs. It was cuddling first then a little humping. Soon it's like pj's flying and we're scissoring and tot wet. That was 13-15 yrs old.

    • How old are you now, and are you still into it? I’m 55 started the same way, never got married, and just love to eat pussy and get fucked in the ass with a strap on,,, mmmm, nothing better

    • HOTTT!!

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