Girlfriends sister

My girlfriends sister is 18 and super f****** hot. Im 21 and so is my girl, but her sister is literally a better version of her. Anytime we three hang out it gets awkward bc her sister and I have way more in common mentally and Im pretty sure my girlfriend gets mad about it. Her sister told me that my girlfriend showed her a picture of my dick and thats when things got crazy. At first it was like an inside joke between us but then she started getting flirty. At first it was suggestive texts and jokes and then she started sending me pics of her on snapchat of her like just getting out of the shower and asking if she could come over (knowing my girlfriend would be at work)
She would pretend to be disappointed but would still ask to come over until she got off. After about a week i got the hint so i said ya sure ill tell her your gonna be here and she said why does it matter shell see me when she gets home, not super suggestive but obviously defensive. The first time we hung out alone was awkward im not gonna lie, i kinda just turned on the tv and shared funny shit i saw on my phone with her. After a couple times of this, one night she was over and wearing super small shorts, and she was on her phone and literally was not wearing underwear and her whole situation was half out. šŸ˜© i was so rosy in the cheeks and she was smirking the whole time. I let it pass bc i was so thrown back by it. Made me super freaking hard though. Then theres this.
She came over on a friday, and my girl was working until 10, so about 5:15 she asked if i wanted to hang out at my apartment. She said my girlfriend knew she was coming over and said she could stay the night. Cool. No biggie. When she got here we decided to see who could not laugh at vines and whoever laughed had to down a shot of bourbon. 12 vines later she was tellling me she has the picture of my dick that my girlfriend sent her on her phone and she looks at it everyday. She told me she really wanted to give me head, and i let all the wrong feeling totally slip away and i let her suck my dick. We wound up having sex for about an hour and she even wanted me to cum on her lips which my girlfriend has never had me do and it just rocked me. Long story short my girlfriendā€™s sister comes over almost 3 times a week to fuck and its been like this for almost two months. What do i do!? I fucking love it but i never want my girl to know.

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  • This is totally gonna blow up in your face. As the younger sister who fucked her sister's hot boyfriend. This shit always comes out and it will ruin their relationship and yours. I did the same thing. Found time to hang out with him when sister was gone. Would stay the night, listen to them have sex then fuck him the next day after she left for work. We got in a big fight and I let it slip that I fucked her boyfriend just to hurt her. It took years for her to even be in the same room as me. Little sisters are petty, I sure as fuck was. And when she wants to she will use it to hurt her big sister in a heated moment.

  • Enjoy it.

  • Easy. Don't get her pregnant.

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