Happy Holidays

Me and my boyfriend went on holiday and I got fucked so many times and not from my boyfriend.
We met a couple and spent time around the pool with them, we arranged to go out together that night and my boyfriend asked me to get some bottles of water from the shop before we go out tonight, on my way to the shop I knocked on our friends door planning to ask if they needed anything, I was met by the man he had just got out the shower he didn’t have the towel wrapped around him he was just holding it coving his bits, come in he said, the wife has gone to a shop to get a gift she had seen it was the last one so she wanting to get it.
I said I wasn’t stopping just popped in to see if you needed anything from the shop, that’s kind of you he said but we are fine, he then said anything you would like then dropped his towel to the floor, I just froze come on he said it will feel nice, I have no idea what come over me whatever he said I just did it, he lead me to the bed, I laid back with my feet still on the floor, he pulled my knickers off one leg then put both my legs over his shoulders and he’s now fucking me, long deep fast thrusting he was really going for it, he pulled out and cum over my pussy then slid back inside me and fucked me to orgasm, it was over within 5 minutes.
That night he acted completely normal, I was a different person my boyfriend kept asking if I was ok.
The next day at the pool the man asked me to help with drinks, he said in 5 minutes meet me in my room.
He said I won’t be long to his wife, few minutes later I said I’m just popping to the room, again legs around his shoulders and he’s fucking me like no tomorrow.
Throughout the holiday he and I managed to sneak and make excuses for a quick fuck, I lost count the amount of times he had was fucking me and had to stop, he fingered me in the taxi and when we went out for a meal.
It was a holiday to remember that’s for sure.

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  • Wow, hot.

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