Accidental Text

Wife accidentally included me in a text she was sending to two co-workers about the "cute, young" guy that was just hired in a different department. No explicit details, just that.

I got rock hard.

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  • Oh yeah.. only our wives friends really know how Horny they really are. I found this out through my wife. Some of her married friends I get so shy around because of the stuff I’ve heard about them. Even to the point I was afraid to let my wife go out with. She would tell me her friends always want to go out.. only girls night out. Then somehow unexpectedly these cute guys from work show up.For years and years I never suspected my wife was like this. That is until I bought her another IPhone and went through her text. She’s had many conversations with guys some asking if she will be at the next planned Happy
    Hour. Guess it was more like my wife than her friends. It may also expect explain all the very late night coming home. You guys wouldn’t believe the text I found

  • Time for a threesome

  • She wants his cock

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