I’m so sorry

This is a story I’ve never told anyone, a few years ago I had broken up with my boyfriend for weeks he wouldn’t stop bothering me so I thought of an idea that might help him move on and stop pestering me.
My plan was to be seen with another man, not to make him jealous but to let him know I was serious I want nothing more to do with him, I’ve told him so many times.
I only had one male friend and I couldn’t ask him but I did ask him if he knew anyone that could help, he spoke to a guy at his works and he agreed to hang out with me for one night.
I knew my ex would be at the bar on Friday night so arranged with my friend friend to meet me.
On the night I had a view dirty looks from my ex, I was only chatting to my friend it wasn’t like I was all over him or touching or kissing.
After about 40 minutes my ex came over and started shouting, I told him I was serious about not wanting anything more to do with you so I’m having a drink with a friend, he continued to shout and started threatening my friend, I said we better go, as we left the bar my ex followed us out still shouting, my friend then said, move on she clearly doesn’t want anything to do with you.
No sooner had he said that my ex run at him and started hitting and kicking him, this was the last thing I wanted to happen, I told my ex to never speak or come near me ever again or I will call the police.
I help my friend up and he didn’t look good, I drove him back to his flat and helped with cleaning him up.
He laid on the sofa and I apologised so many times, I felt awful for what’s happened, we started talking other then what had happened and he seemed a really nice guy, he was still laying on the sofa with his eyes closed, I lifted his legs up and sat down with his legs resting on mine.
As we continue to chat I started touching him between the legs, this was my way of saying sorry to him! He didn’t say anything so I carried on, I could feel he was starting to get hard so I unbuttoned his trousers and pulled his zip down, I struggled to get his cock out from his boxers and when I finally did I couldn’t believe what I had in my hands, he was enormous, I had one hand on top of each other and he still had some showing, he was so thick it was an awkward size for my hand, the more I played the more I was getting in the mood, I only intended to play with him as a thank you!
I’m now horny and moving myself into position to sit on him.
As I lowered myself onto his cock I could feel the true size of him, the end of his cock was only just inside me and he was stretching me, I just couldn’t believe the size, as wetness started to build more of his cock was inside me, I was in full control and I’m now sitting with his cock deep inside me, it was a mind blowing feeling every movement I made took me to a place I’ve never been too, his cock was hitting the spot all the time, I couldn’t control myself any more and sat deep down on him and started thrusting and grinding, his cock was so hard and deep in me I started having an orgasm, normally I stop at this point and have my orgasm because of the size of his cock I didn’t stop my orgasm was amazing and I kept on grinding and another orgasm came I stopped moving after the second orgasm and could feel my pussy throbbing, as I lifted myself off his cock my legs were shaking I had to lift myself up so high for his cock to come out and as it came out loads of cum poured out of me, I had no idea when he cum I was to busy having two amazing orgasms.

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  • He should assfuck you until you cough turds, you manipulative cunt !

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