My first man to man

I was 20 years old the first time I had ever really touched another man sexually. I had been thinking about it for a long time prior to this and figured I should do something about it. This happened in the mid 80's. I knew a man who was gay but back then it really wasn't advertised. Everyone knew but said nothing. He was 55 which was perfect because I had always fantasized about older men. After seeing him at a distance several times at a local bar my fantasies turned to him. He seemed to be a dom which is what I wanted. I approached him at the bar and we were talking just guy stuff. He actually new my gf and her parents and got together with them occasionally at parties they had. We laughed about this and that. I was beginning to get horny and wondered how I could let him know I was interested. I was shy. I told him of a stag party the next night for a guy we both seemed to know and asked if he was going. He said he wasn't sure. I tried to coax him saying it would be fun. I told him I needed to get away from my gf and out of the blue he said oh you mean chubby isn't pleasing you. Instant hardon. I smiled and said she wasn't. I think he was testing the waters as to my reaction to him calling her names. I couldn't believe how excited it made me. I told him that her breasts were way to floppy for me to get hard about. He agreed and told me he saw her through a window and she was topless...not sexy topless and again we both laughed. With that I started to leave and told him I'd see him tomorrow at the stag. I backed away slowly as we said a few more things. I couldn't help it and looked straight at his crotch. He saw this and smiled. The next night at the party things were going well. He was there and we chatted on and off while laughing with a few of the other guys. The stag was at a farm so he told me he had to go outside to pee. I told I did too and followed him. There were a few guys outside but nobody paid notice as we walked to a very dark and secluded area back behind a old barn. Just like two guys would do he pulled out and slowly started to pee and I did the same. My heart was beating fast now. I noticed he had stopped peeing and so did I. I had to do something so I asked him hows it hanging. He chuckled a bit and said see for yourself. The sign I wanted and reached over and fondled him. It felt wonderful. I turned to him and closed my eyes. He leaned in and kissed me. His tongue was in my mouth instantly and I melted to him. I was now his and he knew it. He told me to taste him and I was on my knees sucking him deep I loved it. My gf rarely sucked me and never swallowed. I was going to have him completely no matter what. I licked and sucked him as best as I knew how. He talked about her as I sucked turning me on even more. Finally he announced he was cumming and I felt shot after shot in my mouth. I really enjoyed the taste of it and wanted more. He couldn't believe how horny I still was. I blew him once more that night then went to his place. By the end of the night, my legs were wrapped around him and he was deep inside me. We got together often after that. My fetish of him trash talking my gf kept me extremely horny. Anyone else turned on by hearing someone trash your wife or gf? let me know

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  • My wife got very upset when her much younger b/f got angry with her and called her a " dried up old bag " ( which, at the time, she wasn't ) . She was in tears, bawling like a baby. I suppose I didn't help matters by laughing at her, or, my lame attempts at calming her by saying, "Hey, would a dried up old bag cry like a little titty baby ? " But, she is too mean of a wench to let me, or her young buck get her down. She found out from two more g/f 's that he had sidled up to them, but, performed badly once in bed. One g/f, a tall, dark, fake-titted beauty bitched, "Oh, god, between his stupid ramblings, and immature bullshit, toxic bad breath, and a dick he can't control, he's too useless to bother with ! " Among the cougars, he went from hero-to-zero in no time. He began dating a succession of younger and uglier girls, which was a let down in every way, but, mainly because he had come to depend on the cougar's money and settled living conditions for his own comfort. Younger flesh and the games girls play brought him down. It was funny to see !

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