Grandpa's Endowment

Mom usually cleans grandpa's house now and then. One weekend she asked me to do it because she had a commitment that day. Grandpa was mom's father-in-law. Mom warned me that he might embarrass me. He lived alone for some time since grandma passed away and has certain bad habits. Me being 18 and always like getting extra money, told mom I could handle it.

It was a little past noon when I nearly finished doing the house work. Grandpa told me he was going to lay down for awhile. I didn't want to bother him, so I went into his tool box out in his shed to get a tool to fix a loose object. To my surprise there was a photo of mom, dad, grandpa and grandma totally naked of them when they was younger. It appeared to be taken at a nudist resort. Mom was holding dad's and grandpa's cock. Grandpa had his hand under mom's breast and dad had his under grandma breast. I couldn't believe my eyes, grandpa's dick was much bigger than dad's and he had a bigger sack also.

I went back into the house and repaired the object. I was done for the day. At least I thought so. I headed into where grandpa was napping to tell him I was leaving. I was so embarrassed seeing him naked on the daybed. Luckily he was still asleep. I never knew old men like him had dicks like that. I always thought guys get smaller as they get old. I had to phone my best friend. I told her I was standing there looking at cock that women dream about and it was on my grandpa. "No way!" she said to me. So with my smart phone I shot a photo and sent it to her. She wanted me to take a GIF photo of me holding it. As I wrapped my hand around it stiffened and heard him say, "You're done cleaning Julia? Ready for the payment?" Julia was my mother's name. So it hit me, mom been banging her father-in-law all these years. Grandpa opened his eyes and seen me holding my smart phone above his dick. "You want to take a picture of it slipping into that virgin pussy of yours princess, to show your mom I paid you?" and laughed. I was so freaking embarrassed.

Then I asked him about the photo in the tool box. "That was when you was a baby. We all decided to try a nudist resort. Your grandma and I loved it, but your parents wasn't keen of being nudists. I never banged your mother until your father passed away." "So that's why she comes here." I said, "That cock of yours!"

Then he told me he could out do any guys that I've been with. I started to stroke and jerk him, telling him he'll won't last. My hand was getting tired so I figured if I bared my breasts he'll cum, but he didn't. I started taking that thick cock in my mouth. Then I heard him say to me," Suck it princess, suck it." I sucked and jerked but no cum. I started to squeeze his sack. "Harder princess, harder. You're mom squeezes it good!" I got totally naked and decided if he felt my cunt with his cock he'll explode. I got on top of him and lowered myself onto him. It was a little painful because I never took a thick dick. It hit my G-spot and I gushed over his cock.

I finally asked grandpa what would make him cum. Simple he said, "All you have to say, is fuck me, fuck me. That's what your mother tells me all the time." I felt embarrassed. "Fuck me grandpa, fuck me." I said and I felt his sperm fill my G-spot.

I was too embarrassed to tell mom what happened, but I knew I had to tell her. She laughed, "One of his bad habits is he takes Viagra before naps."


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