Acting out? (How guys smell)

I'm 33f and divorced for 3 years. No kids. Don't have a boyfriend, though I'm attractive and have been hit on several times. I just haven't found the right personality to be with or live with long-term.

Needless to say it's tricky getting my needs met. I work long hours, and flirt a lot with guys at work, though no one in my department. The thing is that I really, really get turned on by guys who smell good. It is a trigger that makes me hotter than fuck. That deep-seeded "need to breed" instinct kicks in when I come across a guy wearing nice cologne. He doesn't have to be immensely attractive either. A "6" or "7" is okay.

I've been casually screwing 4 guys from work off and on. What they all have in common is that they smell great. I'm not trying to be a slut, but maybe I am one. Not sure. I just like guys who smell good.

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  • The olfactory sense is a strong turn on, but, can also be a turn off. It's primal and perfectly normal. That you like guys who go to the effort to find cologne or aftershave that they like ( and hope you'll like ) just shows good taste and an appreciation of good grooming on your part.

  • Do what ever turns your crank hunny

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