Naughty married man confession

Have a hot red head wife. Huge natural Dd tits however I find myself masterbating more often than not. What bothers me me is that she won’t give me a blow job and never get laid

Her bbw friend one night talked to me and while drunk I expressed my frustration. She told me anytime I wanted a blow job to call her. I wasn’t sure the next day if I was drunk or if she was serious. Took me a week to message her and ask. She replied and say yes! She told me she couldn’t wait to have me and it was a turn on knowing she could give me something I wasn’t getting at home. She is a bigger girl. Huge tits. Big ass

I was a little intimidated so one night while drunk and wife was sleeping I messaged her. She suggested that she pick me up in her car. I said yes

She came over blew me In her car swallowed me and thanked me. Sadly I cum quickly and she loved it. I’m a sucker for a good blow job and do t get it at home. Fast forward to today—

I’ve been fucking her big pussy and getting blow jobs from her on a regular basis. I can’t stop. I get hard thinking about her and love her mouth aroun me as the taboo. She agrees and says my cock is bigger than her husband

It’s fun to have wifes married friend fuck and suck me. She will never tell. I am hooked. I find myself getting hard and turned on thinking about her.


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  • Big girls are the best.

  • Makes me hard too. I do understand

  • Love big girls

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