Cucumber/ squash :

Lived with two women not at the same time . But both wanted to use cucumbers or squash for sex toys ! Is there more women on this site that do the same ?

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  • I am a married masculine older man and I have been sticking things up my ass since I was a very young boy and I really enjoy it. To be honest I have let a few guys fuck me over the years and had sex with several of my close friends back years ago in school.
    I have used a lot of things out of the produce department over the years and have a lot of sex toys and my wife and I get in to strap on sex often. She likes to fuck me and I like being fucked so we both enjoy it very much. We have plans to let her enjoy her ultimate fantasy. We are looking for a very well hung safe clean man to fuck me while my wife watches then sucks me off with him fucking my ass.
    She has agreed to let me enjoy my fantasy after I grant her this one. We are going out of town and we are going to see how many men she can get up to our Hotel room at the same time for a gang bang. Fucking hot!!

  • Personally I don't like cucumbers or other fruits or vegetables. I have used a fat salami stick with a condom on it, it's soft but firm and feels better than a vegetable. Cucumbers and squash are to hard and hurt the deeper you put it in, I have had a 10 inch super fat salami all the way inside me with out much discomfort many times before

  • My kind of lady indeed

  • That'd be some cheap vegetarian hippie bitches, son !

  • One word requesters and projectioners annoy me, blacklisting/blackmailing enablers are so stupid. one word all the time,
    incest, dogsex, mom-sons-sex. daughter-father-sex.

    get a life i4giveu loser.

    others come on the site with a lot of stories from college, work or home and not just a fixation of one thing dirty all the time

  • Yes I like to slide a nice cucumber up my asshole

  • U a man or woman either or that’s hot.

  • Every once in a while when I spot a cucumber or squash with a nice bend in it a few inches from the end I will definitely get it. Something about the way it rubs along the top of my vagina just makes my orgasm really intense. My husband loves to watch and help out also which is a huge turn on.

  • Thanks for responding sound hot he is a lucky man too have you

  • I prefer to use men as sex toys, but sure, if you’re unimaginative I guess you could resort to a cucumber

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