Getting Even

It was totally unexpected and I never guessed my mom would do something so nasty with me. She decided it would remedy the hurt inside of her. She caught dad with grandma. Now she and grandma don't speak or see each other and dad wasn't allowed to be in the house with us.
Dad was out with his drinking buddies that day. My mom barged into my room with a robe on after getting done with a shower and was holding her smart phone. "You know what your father done!" she snapped at me. "He done your grandmother, my mom!" as she stepped closer to me showing a pic on her phone that she snapped without them knowing that they were caught. "It's revenge time and you're going to help." "How I said." Then she explained she was going to take pics of me and her getting dirty as she removed her robe exposing her naked body which caused me to get a boner. "Pull out that dick that you used to flash me with." I wouldn't do it, so she pulled the covers and my shorts down having a clear view of my privates for her to snap a pic.
"You matured some. Your endowment seems to be bigger and thicker than your father's." I never knew my mother's tits was puffy with pointy nipples and her slit was puffy too. She handed me her smart phone to take a pic of her rubbing her face with my dick. I handed back the phone, she laid back telling me to lick her clit as she snapped a pic. "Won't your grandma be surprised!" She put the phone down and told me she wanted to do some 69 with me. Her slit was wet and tasty as she took my pre-cum dick in her mouth.
All hell broke loose in house. When things settled down my mom handed me a beer and asked me to give her a massage to relax her. She laid topless on the couch and told me I'm going to replace dad in the bedroom.

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  • Way to go!! Looks like you won't have to worry about getting some pussy for as long as you want.

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