Shared wife

Carla and I were married about 6 years when this happened and we have had a very satisfying sex life
She loves sex and openly flirts with other men because she knows that it turns me on but so far she has refused to agree to getting fucked while I watch.
I am sure although not positive that she has strayed since we have been married but I haven't asked because I enjoy thinking about it without knowing.
sometimes she likes light bondage and she will let me blindfold her and tie her hands to the bed and I will pretend to be a stranger and fuck her like that.
This night as I was tying her to the bed we were laughing and talking then as I took the slak out of the rope where se could still move but not much and she was looking up at me with her bred breasts with their hard nipples pointed at the ceiling and she lifted her head for the blindfold and I tied it in place I asked you like Roger don't you and she laughed and said of course he is a great guy why ?
I said he is waiting outside and I am going to let him fuck you.....her body went rigid and she inhaled sharply then she slowly relaxed and she laughed and said you are kidding aren't you and I said no baby he is just waiting for me to open the door I just wanted to tell you before hand she said wait how long has you and him talked about this and I said I asked him last week and he agreed as my hands traced her thighs and I could smell her womanhood as my fingers parted her pussy lips and she bucked in response and inhaled again .
I said I will b right back hon and she said wait... but I left and I heard her saying wait hon wait but it was time and Roger was outside the door as I opened it and he asked is everything OK and I said she might try to talk you out of it but as soon as you start to play around I am sure she will come around .
Carla was silent when we went back in and the only sound was her harsh breathing and goosebumps on her belly and breasts.
Roger looked her over hungerly licking his lips her pussy hair was moist now and her nipples were very rigid as Roger said niceee in a husky voice and Carla legs began to move seductively as though she was trying to get away but when Roger sat on the bed beside her and his fingers began to travel lightly over her tummy and breasts she arched her back off the bed her harsh breathing ow even more pronounced then she saked timidly Roger and he answered her she just let it hang there in the air as his hand moved down her body and began to stroke her thigh she caught her breath and made a mewling sound in her throat as her body once again responded to his caress.
Roger was a very good lover he parted her pussy lips with his fingers and eased her clitty until it to was rigid as Carla made strangled sounds in her throat and her body responded to him.
I watched my heart was hammering in my chest and I was having trouble breathing as his finger slipped into me wife and she bucked against his hand as he worked a second finger into her and was rubbing her clit with his thumb .
My wife began to buck against his hand in frantic thrust using her feet for leverage strangled sounds were coming out of her mouth as her body went wild she came in a very loud climax then Roger went down on her licking her cum out of her pussy and she came a second time Roger hurriedly stepped out of his pants as Carla squirmed and made mewling sounds on the bed her legs moving in a frog like motion then Roger was on the bed again between her legs with his hard dick in his hand and Carla's hips were lifting off the bed for his entrance then he was in her and sucking on her breast and Carla moaned then I heard their body's slapping against each other and I could smell their aroused sex her slightly fish Oder and his musky male smell as their body's came together in furious thrusts then Carla came again wailing in climax then Roger began to cum and he came for a long time until they were both exhausted and his head was in the pillow beside hers and Carla was laughing now in delight. I untied Carla and for the next several hours they had sex several times and I took my turn also Carla likes the cow girl style so the last time she sat on his cock and we all three pretty well used up but after a long time Carla managed to cum again then so did Roger then he dressed and left but we plan on getting together again .

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  • A buddy and i talk about our slutty wives wile we jog. He now says he hasn't fucked in over a year, she has a non life threatening illness that leaves too weak for sex. Asked if he could fuck my wife. Guess he figures since she's slutty she'd some spare cock. I'm taken back by the request but not mad. I know in her 20's she gave a guy a mercy blowjob, he was 40, married and never had one. She also spread her legs for him, since via the bj she saw he was well hung. I tell about the request and she's pissed that we talk that way. When i tell her about his sick wife she's all aw shucks -- poor guy, "what does he look like?"
    She says if i want i can hook them up on a blind date thing and see what happens. Don't tell him i'm slam dunk in bed with him, i want to hear abou his poor wife -- so good of him not to bug her for sex. I still thinking about it. I know she slept wiyh her boss, so it's not like she some June Cleaver type. She is slutty, I'm used to that.

  • My wife’s vagina was broken in my her boyfriends long before I married her. She’s had sex with 9 men, and gave blow jobs to at least 27 that she remembered. She’s nothing special. Her vagina is wide open, and feels hollow inside.

  • My type of gal.
    Girls just want to have fun. And fun is a dick in a hole.

  • I encouraged my wife to dance with other guys, that lead to making out, which lead to sex. Now, dates other men. She’s allowed Wednesday and Friday nights out, the rest of the time she’s mine. She’s very happy. She’s 42, sexy and loves to date younger men. Guys that have the energy to do her right, have the energy to take her out and have fun and make her feel young but don’t want a relationship. Sometimes she gets her heartbroken. But she moves on. She’s been doing this for 7 years now, and has dated a lot of men. Usually lasts for about 2 months before the guys move on, by then she’s ready to move on or he met another man. It’s hot watching her get ready, going out, then coming home and telling me everything while we have sex or she blows me. Sloppy seconds feels amazing. My favorite, and she knows it, is sloppy anal but she rarely allows it as it really makes her sore. But, the rule is if she has anal, she HAS to give me seconds.

  • Before I started sharing my wife she was chubby, dressed like a soccer mom, no sex drive, no fun. After I started bring out her inner slut, she worked out and got a tight body, dresses sexy, and loves sex and learned lots of new things sexually from other men. Now I’m very sexually satisfied and so is she. I took her to a swingers club one night after a night of drinking. She didn’t know what she was walking into. We danced and she noticed many of the other women were very sexy and showing their boobs and butts and making out with men on the dance floor. Then we walked back to the party room and there were people having sex and it was hot. I took her to a corner and we had sex on a chair. She was too shy to get naked so I just lifted her dress and she rode me, completely covered. I never brought it up again, she asked if we could go back. We did, and she dressed sex, still shy about her chubbiness at the time but we had sex again in full view of everyone and she let me take out her tits while she rode me, covered from the waist down. She loved it and kept wanting to go back every few weeks. Now, she’s full of confidence. She dances with guys, dresses like a total slut, got a boob job and nipples pierced, shaves her vagina daily, she dances with men and feels them and if they have a big one she asks me if can have fun. We go to the party room and she makes out, checks out their package and if she likes the way it looks, she has sex with them. Once in a while she doesn’t find anyone she likes, other times she does find one maybe two. Some nights I find another woman for me, a hot wife. Sometimes I tell her she’s just a slut and cannot say no to anyone, she rolls her eyes and will end up sucking off a lot of guys and having sex with a lot of guys. She loves it but won’t admit it. The guys love it, they just walk up and start touching her and taking out their cocks and she just gives attention to any cock that anyone pulls out. She loves being the “it” girl.

  • A shared wife is a happy wife . Shared my wife actually pimped her out to two of my bosses . Had a wonderful experience getting her ready to fuck both . Giving her a bath , douching her so she would be clean . She bought special clothes night wear . Had a bag for taking care of both of them . Wish she was still a shared wife

  • You are such a worthless pimp.

  • Stop being mad they are having fun you are not having.

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