What It's Like

Long time ago I had a job with a major farm implement and construction machine manufacturer. It was inventory week, and we went from forty hours to seventy-two hours, and it was chaotic and stressful. The overtime was sweet but late that Saturday evening I was too physically and mentally tired to care. All I wanted was a long hot shower, a bite to eat, a few beers and some drugs. I had laid in a supply of the big three : pot, coke, and ludes. I stopped by the market to get a case of beer and a barbequed chicken. A cold rain was falling, and the temps plummeting.

I got the shower, and put on my flannel pj's. I was surprised when my phone rang. I answered, and it was Danny, an 18 year old skate rat. He wanted to bum a joint, and I thought he was indeed desperate as he lived almost twenty miles away. I told him to come on. He was already in town. I felt renewed energy because, for a joint, he would let me suck his dick, and maybe even fuck me, depending on how horny he was. I hurriedly rolled a joint and cut out four lines of the cocaine.

Unfortunately, when he arrived a few minutes later, he had another skate rat in tow. Byron was not only uncool with same sex stuff, by his own admission he, "hated fags". I was pissed, but, stayed cool, firing up the joint, and offering them the lines of coke. I didn't offer beer, or any ludes and after a half hour of their dull and vapid conversation, hurried them on out to their kegger party which was in the area. I saw them to the door, and heard shouting from the apartment across the hall. Laura must've had company. I went back to my apartment and picked at the chicken and opened a beer. The phone rang again. It was Laura. I could tell she had been crying. " Got any dope ? " she wondered. I rolled another one, grabbed a couple of ludes, and put a little coke in a pill bottle. I grabbed a couple of beers, and headed over.

She was in ratty sweats and braless in a thermal tee, and weepy because her boyfriend of a little over a year had just stormed out. " He's such a bastard, it's all about HIM and HIS needs ! I'm not feeling good, I'm on my period, and he wanted sex, and wasn't taking no for an answer. He strips naked, forces his hard dick down my throat, and really just rapes my face ! Then, the fucker dresses and is on his way out the door ! " She looked at me wanting pity, I guess, but I was thinking, " Well, at least you had a dick to suck ! " I hugged her close, soothed her, and told her " Hush now, Dr. Feelgood is here, " and handed her the joint, a lude, and poured out the coke on her glass coffee table. " I just wanted to cuddle with him " she sniffed.

After we got high, we cuddled under a blanket and watched some B-movie horror film on television. We both fell asleep and she woke me in the wee hours, offering to share her bed, but, I wanted my own. I staggered back across the hall and slept the sleep of the dead.

My phone jarred me awake at noon. It was my friend Freddie. He too wanted to bum a joint. He was a year older than me, and we had sex on occasion. He had a girlfriend, so, it was really on the down low. He even hid his drug use from her. I made some coffee and cut out a fat line of blow. I tooted it, and then rolled yet another joint.

He arrives, comes in all good cheer, complains about the cold and sleet, and accepts some coffee. I give him the joint, he pockets it, and says he can't stick around for long. I expressed sadness, and told him I had hoped we could spend a little "special time ". He smiles broadly and unzips, pulling out his large member, which was already half hard. I began sucking him and when he was fully erect, he stands, pins me to my couch, and begins ramming it down my throat. I was gagging and trying to protest. He laughed and rammed harder. When he blew his load, I wasn't even able to taste it. He pulls out, zips up, and is headed out the door. I looked at him and said, "Okay, wham-bam, you going to at least say, ' thank you, m'am ? ' " He looks a little sheepish, and mumbles some sorry excuse, and hurries out. I shook my head in wonder, and thought of Laura. So, that's what it's like ! I called her and asked, " You wanna cuddle some more ? "


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  • The first few paragraphs were not needed. It was just mundane chit chat. Also you're a druggy, so......

  • Skate rats are gross.

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