Good girl or good in bed?

Was your wife a good girl (virgin) or good in bed when you started dating her? My wife was very good in bed because she had several lovers before me. Early in our relationship she quickly told me what she liked and I was very willing to do whatever she wanted since she wanted to do all the things that I wanted my previous girlfriends to do but they thought that these things were slutty.
The only new thing that we did together was her having sex with two men at once. She really loves having a dick in her mouth and another in her cunt. After many years of marriage we have a couple of guys that come over every week or two and they both have sex with her as I watch. After they leave, we cuddle and then I get to finally have sex with my wife after watching two men fuck her and come inside her.

2 months ago

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    • My wife before met her had a threesome with two teenagers, they were 16 and 17 she was 23.
      They younger one spunked her, plus another 6 spunked her before she met me!

    • My wife is very much the same way. we had not been married but 2 years before we started having another guy come over and we both fucked her at same time, she says fucking 2 guys at one time felt very natural and she also says that sucking a cock while fucking is by far better than just fucking one guy at a time

    • I was glad that my wife had fucked a lot of guys before we got married. Her pussy was well broken in. She had no sexual hang ups. She still fucking other guys and we both enjoy it. We have learned that sex is something to have fun with and enjoy. We have a great relationship and we love each other.

    • Mine is the same, many guys taught her things that have never done.

    • My wife gave it up on our first date, did so really eagerly and really aggressively, and she was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally good at it. At ALL of it. Not only was I not her first lover, I wasn't (as I learned a couple years later) even her first one THAT DAY!! She loves it nasty and hot, and when she starts into something we've not done before, i've learned not to EVER ask, "where did you learn THIS?"

    • My wife has told about all the men in her life and what they wanted them for her too do to them enjoy her sharing her sexual experiences

    • Same here I like hearing about my wife's ex boyfriends.

    • I love it, get so hard thinking of guys between her legs!

    • There's no getting past it: women are all whores.

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