What am i doing wrong

I came home earlier than normal, I could hear somebody having sex upstairs
my thoughts were, my husband is shagging another woman, I crept up quietly I could see my husband fucking his best friend his legs were around his back he was really ramming it up his arsehole he was wearing condom, I left the house quietly, I was asking myself what I wasn't doing right, there is nothing we will not do, I do anal regularly for him I wasn't keen at first but the more we did it
I was really into it, I thought we had a really good sex life, he always told me I was the best fuck ever, so do it with another man

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  • Fuck that guy. I'll be your man lol

  • ..... you were born without a dick.

  • Its a man thing they are fuck pals

  • Maybe he was just helping his best friend out.

  • Ya that's exactly how friends help each other out...fags haha nasty

  • You should have got a strap on and joined in

  • What did you do wrong? You married a fucking fag.

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