The Good Old Days...

I'm glad that I was born and lived the best years of my life when women didn't report "rapes". They just quietly went on with their lives instead of causing trouble.

Jul 4
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Next Confession

Cuck fat wife.


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    • Living in the the old days were and are the best days, but rapes are a no no.

    • What you call the good old days I call the dark ages. I assume based on your comment you are a rapist. I’m sure you realize almost all rape is a function not of sex but dysfunctional psychology, usually inflicted by sociopaths. That you don’t realize you need help is one of the illness’ characteristics.

    • I never had a woman complain who played hard to get.
      And none of my lady employees ever quit.

    • It’s possible they never even noticed given the exceedingly small size of your penis.

    • I’m sure they stayed because you were such a great boss, not because they needed a job to eat and pay rent.

    • Same here.
      Brett K.

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