Stroking and smoking...

Before my wife and I got married, when we were getting to know each other better, my girl loved sex...and loved it to the moon and back. I thought I had a pretty good sex drive, but there were times that she would way out do me, and I'd be in awe of her confidence and her creative mind. she would sometimes call me up, ( this was before cell phones ), and tell me she wanted to go shopping or just run errands, and could I wear something loose fitting that would be easy to get out of if she felt the need to "play". That usually meant a pair of shorts with an elastic waistband and no underwear. I was more than happy because she always wanted to play. And she'd wear something equally easy to take off. Well one day her car wouldn't start. I had a Ford pickup with a full bench seat, and she'd be able to sit in the middle of the seat right against me. I enjoyed driving that truck for that reason. We could hold hands, I could put my hand on her thigh and hold her leg, and she could do the same. Well one day she said she had to go to a girlfriend of hers house to pick something up. Now this girl made a lot of her own clothes and would take orders for other people, sometimes make something custom that couldn't ever be found in a regular store. So we went there. She ran into the house and came right back out with a bag. I thought it was something for her, but she said no, it was a surprise for me. I thought, "how quaint!". Well we left there and she directed me to a parking lot from a store that had recently closed. I put the truck in park and looked at her, wondering why were we parked here. She said that she needed me to try on what was in the bag. She had this mischievous grin, and I'd seen that look before and it usually meant trouble. It was a pair of shorts. That meant I had to take off the ones I was wearing to put these on. AsI did so she had to start stroking my cock, because remember, she wanted no underwear. After a few minutes of this she stopped and I put the new ones on, but they weren't regular shorts, they looked much different. These shorts were made so that the entire front could simply be pulled open, there was a flap made with Velcro, and she told me she had these made so I didn't have to be putting them on and off, all she had to do was open the flap in front and she could stroke me and then close the front back up when done. How easy, how convenient, how smart, she was always thinking. And she had always commented on the fact that regular pants were too hard to get on and off especially when driving when the owner was sitting on them. I was simply amazed and in awe of her inspiration. So we left that old parking lot, and started driving around town. Now my girl wanted to get out of town and get out on the back country roads so she could try out these new pants. And they worked just like she said they would. She opened the Velcro flap and there my penis was, right there for her to indulge herself. And indulge she did. She stroked me while I drove because she always said she wanted something to do when she got bored. We both loved these shorts as they were definitely easy access. She could stroke me, suck me, and pleasure both of us, and then close the flap back up when done like nothing happened.

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