Very curious married guy

I’m a 47 year old married guy who cannot stop fantasizing about giving a guy a bj. I’ve never even touched a guy before but can’t get it out of my head.
I don’t even know how to find a guy to do this with. Going crazy thinking about it.

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  • Go for it do what make you happy double list is one

  • You should be happy you are married , because that means you share the misery of being alone in life , meanwhile hardcore gamers like my self just play video games all day and play computer games on my free time and I bet that you would love to switch places with me rather than spending all your hard earned money on a blood sucking witch and her whiny brats who are also a great big hole in your wallet and gamers like me don’t even care if a man or woman is starving in the streets , because it’s not my job to save them , just let welfare look after them , it’s welfare job anyways .

  • Yes, good advise, double list is the place to go, that's were you'll find a ton of married guys (like me) that are looking for a mouth to take care of our needs

  • Google "Interactive Male" and sign up for a membership. You'll hook up fast.

  • Depending on where you live this is not hard to do at all. I travel quite a bit so finding strangers who I will not run into running around where I live is not hard. I posted an ad on a site called doublelist tonight and received five requests to come to my hotel room and get a blow job in about an hour. I only responded to two of them tonight and will probably do the same thing again tomorrow. I have already given four guys massages and blow jobs since Sunday.
    So if you have a place to host there are dozens of frustrated guys out there more than willing to let you blow them.

  • Yes, l am a gay cocksucker and through doublelist now have about 10 regular straight cocks to suck.

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