My cousin “windowsill”

When I was about 13 years old my parents divorced. Mom and I went to live with my Aunt and her daughter in another city. My cousin was about 16 at the time and drop dead gorgeous! She was about 5’5” Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Nice Tits, Tight Little Ass, and wore all the right the clothes that just made her fucking HOT! She knew it too. She would tease me all the time walking around the house with almost nothing on, or running naked from the bathroom to her room (passing mine in the process) she was probably the most popular girl at her school. You know the type, head cheerleader, Drama Club, worked in the office, dated the Quarterback of the football team! The thing is, she was a slut! I don’t think it started out that way, but when she started having sex she couldn’t get enough. She would have her boyfriend over after school (which was not allowed) every day. She would tell me not to say a word to my Aunt. I could hear them fucking (she was very vocal) and he must have had a huge cock, because she would really get loud at times! I would jerk off every time I heard them. He would never come out of there until my Aunt got home from work (I don’t blame him for that!) he would sneak out the back door. Well that whole end of the house would smell like ass when they were done, and my Aunt caught on to that quick. She came home early after about the second week and caught them in the act! I was in the hall when she opened the door, my cousin was getting pounded from behind and begging him to fuck her harder! My Aunt slapped him upside the head, threw him and his clothes out the front door, lectured my cousin for an hour or more before taking her car keys and grounding her. My Aunt went on to catch her again 3 more times in the next couple weeks. She completely removed the door off of her room, so if you walked in the hall you could see in there. A few days later I was going to the bathroom and as soon as I opened my door I could hear her moaning. As I entered the hall she was standing by her window adjusting her skirt. Thinking I had just interrupted her masturbating I went on about my business. A couple nights later I heard her again. Wanting to get a look at her I stayed out of her sight and looked into her room. She was sitting on her windowsill, and clearly getting fucked by someone standing outside! She was fully clothed except panties I guess. From that window she could see anyone coming down the hall (unless you are sneaky like me!) she could just stand up, and the curtain would fall and no one could tell what she was up to! Her window was hidden by shrubs on the outside of the house to shield her visitor from being seen from the street. This was fucking genius! She wanted dick bad! LOL I guess her boyfriend couldn’t help but tell a couple of his friends about what was going on, including his little brother which just happened to be one of my friends! He said his brother would wait until 10:00pm, the go there and take out the screen and tap on the window. She would then lift the window, hang her ass out let him fuck her as long as he wanted. When he was done, he would put the screen back and come home. He even told me his brother took him there and let him fuck my cousin too. My cousin was his first piece of ass! How fucking lucky he was! I went strait home and to the outside of her window and could clearly see cum stains all over the house just under that windowsill. I knew from what he had told me that she never even looked to see who was fucking her. So I started trying to devise a plan to fuck her myself! My chance came just a couple days later when I overheard her boyfriends father tell him he wanted him to take a trip to the grandparents house until the next day and they would be leaving soon. I hurried home and hung out with my cousin. She had been grounded for months at this point. I think this was the first time I had taken a real good look at her. She was as near perfect as you can get. 10:00 could not get here fast enough! When the time came I made my way out there, heart beating 100 miles a minute! Sure enough a few seconds after I tapped on that window, her beautiful ass came easing out the window. In her position she was mostly bent over, so it pushed her fat little bare pussy strait out at me! Not sure how her boyfriend started, but this was my first time and I wanted to enjoy it. I ran my hands all over her ass and pussy. I had heard of eating pussy and I had lick her pussy and asshole. She really started moaning as I did this, so I kept it up for quite a while. After about 10 minutes she started panting and went stiff and I knew I had made her orgasm. My cock was only about 4 1/2 or 5” at the time and it slid right in to the hilt. She felt like heaven! So warm and tight. I could feel her muscles clenching on every stroke. After only a couple minutes I felt myself getting close. I wanted nothing more than to shoot my cum as deep in her as I could get, but I knew had to add it to the numerous loads that had been splattered on the house below. I pulled back enough so that I didn’t cum in her, but held her in place and pushed it right back in her when I was done. I was able to last a little longer the second time and slowed down a little and really enjoyed her wonderful pussy. After the second round I was soft, so I put the screen back and headed inside. I had somehow gotten cum all over the front of my shorts and headed to the bathroom to wipe up and take a piss. I walked strait into the bathroom where my cousin was sitting on the toilet! I froze in my tracks. She was staring at the front of my cum covered shorts, then looked right in my eyes and sad “you”? I was about to die! I started trying to explain how sorry I was for taking advantage of her. She shushed me and said it’s ok, I would have done the same thing if I were you! Then she thanked me for eating her pussy and licking her asshole. She said no one has ever done that to her, and she had her biggest orgasm yet from that. She also told me that I didn’t have to go to the window anymore, just ask. We just can’t get caught! Our parents would definitely shit if they caught us together! Well it wasn’t long before word got out, and there were more than a few guys visiting that window. She eventually started putting up a red flag when she didn’t want to fuck, so she could get some rest! She got tagged with the name “Windowsill” by those that knew. Her boyfriend broke up with her, but never stopped visiting the window! Her Mom did find out about a year later through another parent. She had bars with steel mesh installed on all of the windows! Thankfully I didn’t have to go to the window anymore!

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