Vasectomy consult

Just had a consult appointment for getting a vasectomy. The Dr’s nurse that brought me back to the room is very attractive. She told me how everything would work before the Dr arrived in the room. I’m having it done next week. Apparently I’ll be undressing from the waist down and she’ll be pulling my cock and balls through a hole in a sheet and prepping me prior to the procedure. Pretty sure I’ll be rock hard until the Doc comes in! 🤣

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  • God created man to be fruitful and multiply. A vasectomy is clearly against God's will and you will surely rot in Hell for eternity for having a vasectomy.

  • Go bang your head against a wall you knuckle dragging moron

  • Maybe for the vasectomy, or maybe for all of the unprotected sex I’m going to have with our swinger friends! We have a small group that has a deal that once you’ve had a vasectomy, no more condoms. I CANNOT WAIT to get my dick wet!

  • Pretty sure you won’t. Done it. Nothing hot about it.

  • Had the vasectomy. I definitely got rock hard while the nurse had me undress, put my feet in the stirrups and prep me. Soon as the doc came into the room that went away! My first day afterwards I’ve already jerked off, I have a very high sex drive...I can’t help myself 🤷‍♂️

  • How is it??

  • You are correct on that

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