Wannabe Feedee Desperate to be Fattened, Looking for Feeder Wife

I desperately want a loving wife to feed and fatten me up massively. Like 400lbs or 500lbs, maybe immobility. I want to have someone stuff me, encourage my gains, and cuddle/fondle my gut. I want to be a food-addicted hog, beached on the couch or bed, too fat to reach my c o ck and needing help getting off.

I desperately want that, someone willing to push me to that size and willing to take care of me should I reach it. I'm so damned frustrated cause I've tried all the feeder centric dating sites with no luck for a couple years. I've tried other personals sites and forums as well.

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  • Fantasies are fine, but that's a form of body dysmorphia. It's really kind of dangerous. I think counselling is in order

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