Husband's desires

We look at porn sometimes and either laugh about stuff or get turned on and do what we are looking at for fun. I did not really look at porn before my husband and I got together but I also did not turn away from it when the opportunity presented itself. I will admit that I have on occasion looked at it on my own searching for it.
I came upstairs and saw him looking at something on his laptop and when I leaned down onto his shoulders I was surprised to see a woman fully clothed but tied with rope to a chair, he has never brought up bondage before and I had never really seen it.
We looked thru a few different ones then this image came up where a woman was tied and being stimulated with a vibe tied right to her and it was pretty stimulating to see. I will admit I was getting a little turned on by it all and as we browsed he asked me what I thought about it. I told him it looked pretty fun but some of these were very elaborate and I hated to tell him that he was not to artistic in nature.
We picked up some rope and a few other things that looked like fun and a few weekends later I asked him if he wanted to try it out. We were kissing and things were going along quite nicely, he began by tying my wrists together and pulling my arms above my head then secured them to the headboard. He then sat sort of on top of me but not his full weight and began unbuttoning my shirt and suddenly my college experience of almost getting taken advantage came crashing into my mind.
I was in this friends room back then and things had turned sort of sexual with some light touching thru clothes and kissing. He was a pretty big guy and after like ten minutes maybe of this he rolled over and got on top of me and was able to hold both my arms above my head while his other hand began pulling up my shirt and bra. I was so amazed at how fast and both my bra and shirt were sliding over my head to my elbows, in a flash my bra was wrapped around my wrists and tied tightly then as he held my arms up he began licking and kissing my breasts.
My mind was screaming stop but nothing was coming out of my mouth as I felt my nipples getting sucked into his mouth, suddenly out of nowhere I just calmed right down and it was as if someone had turned off the music because I do not remember hearing anything, I was just staring down at him and watching him. He then looked up at me with a nipple sucked deep into his mouth and smiled at me as it popped out and I finally said something, I told him I wanted to suck his cock.
Even as the words came out of my mouth I saw my plan rolling thru my mind but then I feared that he would stay on top of me and shove it into my mouth. Luck took over though and he rolled off onto his back watching me, I turned onto my side and pushed myself up on top of him and took over undoing his pants with my hands still tied together. He almost looked relaxed thinking I was completely into it, I began pulling his pants down and underwear down and as soon as they were to his knees I bolted off the bed for the door to his room. I opened it and ran into the dorm hallway half naked and my bra still wrapped around my wrists, to my amazement there were like four guys standing only a few rooms down and they all looked at me with the same expression as I started running towards them.
I told them I needed help and they all did just that as two of them raced past me to the guy who had stepped out of his door, pants undone but pulled up. One of the other guys untied my wrists and gave me his t-shirt and from that moment on I never went into another guys room alone during college.
All of this flashed thru my mind as my shirt was pulled to the side and then my bra was undone and pulled upward, I opened my eyes looking up at my husband who I knew loved me more than anything and he asked me if I was okay. I looked up at him and told him to make me suck his cock knowing that he would love hearing me say that and also knowing that I would love doing it for him.

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