sucking and swallowing

Ok so I am a shared wife for these last three years and I have found out that almost every every guy we have met with usually gets around to asking me if I swallow when I give head or is it to disgusting and how dose it taste and smell.
I have thought about this a lot some of the guys cum smells a little like bleach and tastes really bad but if it tastes to bad I will go into the bathroom and spit it out or if he has a long cock I will deep throat him when he cums and that way I don't taste anything except for his cock and most guys cocks have an iron taste to them but only slightly and not at all repulsive. I sometimes just deep throat a guy so I don't have to taste his cum but guys have different tastes to their cum to and I have wondered if it has to do with what they eat one guy even had cum that tasted a little like yogurt unflavored and two of the guys had a sort of sweet taste to their sperm that I really liked but all of the guys that have cum in my mouth leave a kind of iron after taste.
I don't like it when a guy grabs my head and forces his cock down my throat but at least I don't have to taste his cum
Well I hope I have answered your questions I do like it though when after a guys screws me and my hubby and are alone in the motel when he goes down on me or asks me to sit on his mouth and clean me with his tongue that is mind boggling to me.

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  • I really don't mind the taste of cum but its not my favorite thing in the world either. My husbands cum is acceptable to swish around in my mouth before swallowing. We do swing with several other couples now and then. One of the guys in the group has nasty tasting cum. Trust me I swallow his load right away. If your wondering why I even swallow him that would because his dick it the biggest I ever had. With him I usually blow him first that way when he fucks me he lasts longer before he cums.

  • I love milking a guys cock with my mouth. Most of the men I have sucked off I have swallowed their loads. I have never really thought to much about the taste being foul. I just figured it is what it is. Cum will never win an award for best tasting thing to swallow but I still like doing it.

  • Like every one else here has said every mans cum tastes different. Not only that but the same mans cum to tastes different from time to time. I guess it depends on what you eat or drink. I love blowing men so I have swallowed a lot of cum. I figure what the hell its love juice why not. However it really does not taste good sorry guys but its the truth.

  • Have shared my wife and sucked every load dumbed out of her . Didn’t want her to clean up after she got fucked my job to clean her up

  • We get it , you don't like the taste of cum. That's ok , you are in the majority of women who don't like it's taste , smell or texture . I'v been married twice and both wives hated blowing me, they hated the way it felt in their mouths not to mention the smell and taste. I guess it was a labor of love. I was cheating with a married woman who loved to humiliate her husband by making him eat his own cum after they had sex. She would jump on top of this poor fool and force him to lick her pussy. She knew how bad it tasted and knew he would eat it. She told him if he wanted to fuck her he had to eat her out or do without sex. He has probably eaten more of his own cum than anybody I know. He probably has eaten the cum of other men including my own.

  • Not sure if you want to here a comment from a bisexual male, but here it is anyway. I agree with you every guys cum tastes different, some better then others. You are so correct in saying that deep throating is the way to go, no taste that way just swollaw. However eating another mans cum out of my wife's pussy has a totally different taste with her pussy juice mixed in. Not sure if you would call my wife shared woman or me a cuckold. I don't see a lot of the men she fucks, she just brings me home her creampied pussy to clean up. I get my cock at the local gloryhole, so I don't see them either. But I like it that way.

  • I’m a shared wife and I do not swallow other men, just my husband. I will take guys cum on my face or mouth and let it spill out. I give a lot of blow jobs, I would be grossed out if I swallowed everyone!

  • Always cleaned my wife up after she did other men didn’t want her to clean up after she did other men

  • Your hubby is a lucky man!

  • Yeah, l always swallow cause l don't want to clean up the mess. Every guy's load tastes different. Only once did a guy's cum taste so foul l was repulsed, l have no idea what the hell his diet consisted of.

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