My belly

I have to say I have had this desire for years. Its not a fetish It's real to me. It involves only my lower belly. I don't know how it started it just did. I long to find a partner to fulfill this sharp objects desire. This sharp object must penetrate fully.

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  • Wow, these are some of the best responses I've read to a post on here in a while.
    I too have a desire to have object pierce my body. I'm a 46 year old female, tall, chubby, 40 DD tits. Ever since I was a teenager and seen my first movie were war prisoner's were shot in bt firing squad, I've had the desire is to be blind folded, tied to a pole naked in front of a firing squad of at ten men. Each man has one bullet and has a special spot on my body to shoot. 3 in my pubic area, 4 in my belly, 1 in each boob, then the last one through my heart.

  • I never realized there were others out there that had the same desires as I did.
    I'm a 26 year old female. Not a goddess, not even that good looking. Just a plain jane if at best,I've always been heavy. I'm only 5'3" tall, and fat, 310#. I don't even have big boobs for being this heavy, I'm only a "C" cup. Only sex I get is from desperate horny men at closing time at the local dive bar.
    Well ever since I was around 12 years old and playing Xbox war games with my brothers. I've had this fantasy of being nude and shot in my belly with arrows, or run threw with a sword. I can orgasim just thinking about it. Well over the years my fantasy has turned into an obsession. Well there is no way I'll ever find anyone to shoot me with an arrow, and I can't do it myself. So I bought a sword at a novelty shop. Spent two days sharping it. I've tried on several different occasions to run myself threw with it, but usually only end up just breaking the skin, or only going into myself about an inch or so. But even that little bit will make me cum.
    I need to find someone that will take the sword and run me threw with it, without stopping. Any takers?

  • Your hesitant. That's normal. But sounds nice.

  • I too have had desires like yours. Mine started years back when I started watching, and reading snuff porn, about women / girls being spit roasted alive. Something about being alive while guys shove a sharpened steel pole in my pussy, then all the way through my body and out my mouth. Then having my hands and feet tied to the pole, and then lifted and placed over the open fire, and cooked while I was still alive. To make it even better would somehow to still be alive when they removed me from the fire and started carving me up to eat.

  • Wow.... where have you been. Ive had the desire, fantasy to be gutted by a nude chubby girl, for years. I want her to cut me from my pubic area to my rib cage. After she exposes my insides, then she sucks me off till I cum. Contact me if you want to talk about it.

  • Sounds nice. there's a site called dark fetish network. It's a social site for desires like ours. I didn't mention I was male but am a bi male. my dream is to takin into the forest or anywhere. tied by my wrists to a tree so that my guts would be defenseless. stabbed in the lower belly several times. then slit from one side to the other and grab my guts and slosh them around then watch them fall out. left there so that thousands of maggots can eat them as I watched.

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