I gave an ultimatum

I've been married 15 years. At first, sex was great. Sex 3 times a week. A blowjob just because. Then the years pass. She's now 53 and im 45. She doesn't want sex almost at all. Like once a month if I'm lucky. I ask and she keeps saying not today. Can't masturbate because she doesn't want me doing that around her either. So one day I got tired of it.

She doesn't work. She said I make enough money that she shouldn't have to. She doesn't do half the house work either. She stopped shaving her pussy about 5 years ago. It's ok tho. I like it hairy. I took a shower before going to work. I walked into the bedroom naked. She didn't even look at me. I asked if she wanted to have sex before I head to work. Again, she said she wasnt in the mood. I said, "I can't keep not doing this. You don't wanna have sex but don't want me to jack off either. This is how it's going to be. You don't wanna have sex with me, I'm gonna start having sex with the neighbor." She said, "So you're gonna cheat on me?" I said, "Nope. Cheating means an emotional relationship. Just sex." She said, "I'm not ok with it." I said, "Then leave. I love you but you can't expect me to just be celebat forever. You want a divorce, fine. Our only daughter is 18 so you won't get child support. You don't have a job. I love you. Dearly. I don't want a divorce. I want sex." She said, "So you want to fuck the married woman next door?" I said, "Nope. The gay man on the other side." She said, "How do you know you'd be into it?" I said, "We've hung out a few times." She said, "Yeah. You and your football games. Wait..." I said, "Yep. Tv never even got turned on." She said, "So you like fucking a man in the ass?" I said, "No. But I do like him fucking me in the ass. Sometimes...but mainly him sucking me and me sucking him." She said, "Are you saying you're gay?" I said, "Nope. Bisexual. I love having sex with you but once a month isn't cutting it."


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  • When my wife deny's me I roll back over, grab the lube and get it done right next to her. She hates it but I love it!!!

  • Such a miserable life. Cant get pussy so you turn to cheating and go for the worse instead of going balls deep into a tight young college slut.

  • As a gay male that sucks neglected, married, straight cock, l can assure any wives it is only for the guy to get some desperately needed sexual pleasure and release. There is no romance or emotional connection involved. Guys just need their dick sucked, and it is an easy no strings way to get it done.

  • Yep..... im in a sexless marriage and have a great guy that sucks me silly a couple times a month. Think ill stop by his place on the way home to whats her face.

  • While I sympathize with your plight, your message is very mixed up. First off, you mean to tell us you can't go in the bathroom, lock the door, and rub one out while looking at porn ? Secondly, your idea of cheating is flimsier than Bill Clinton's idea of sex. Cheating is sexual and / or emotional, and no judge in any court of law is going to parse that and side with you. Thirdly, you threaten her with having sex with the guy down the block, but, then reveal that you've already done exactly that, meaning, you've already cheated. You need to change up your game plan, and play your cards closer to your chest. If you split up, I hope you find yourself surrounded by pussy, dick, and ass, I hope she finds a rich non-sexual who loves her for her ability to collect dust, and I hope your daughter forgives both of you.

  • Good on ya, I’m a bit in the same boat

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