Linda and David

First off I want to thank all of you for your responses and to tell you that it turned into a very interesting summer for us .
as soon as we got home I called David back to let him know that Linda was ready but it was sent to message so I told him to call back when he could and I added that Linda wanted to see him again. Then her and I were talking about what had just happened and she told me how surprised she had been wheh he just took control and how his cock squirted so hard and his cum was very thick and hard to swallow and we quickly undressed and made love reliving her experience.
It was the next morning before David got back with me his Cell phone had a dead battery is the reason he had not called before.
So with Linda setting listening to us we sat up the meet for the next saturday at Rose-burg at the Motel 6 just off the highway I-5 I had the order for wood that Chuck needed to do our deck and Lowe's was just off the freeway so it was all set up for Saturday afternoon .
We left early Saturday Morning and had breakfast at Mc Donald s then started our shopping and after the trailer was loaded we asked if we could leave it there for a couple hours to do some other shopping and Linda was getting a little antsy now having second thoughts about it thinking that she was to old for such a young guy and I kept reassuring her that she was a knock out for her age and not to worry about it as I went in and picked up my key card for our room.
It was close and we were a few minutes early but Davids car was parked in front of our room.
When he saw us he got out and Linda's face was flushed a bright pink as he walked up to us shaking my hand then hers and Linda said bastard you could have warned me that you were going to cum then she laughed to break the tension .
We opened the door and they stepped inside with me behind I wanted them to have some space so I quietly watched them as David pulled her close and she stood on tip toe as they kissed softly then with more force .
Son they were struggling trying to undress and their cloths were being discarded everywhere until Linda laid there nude on her back with David above her breasts were poined at his chest and they were breathing in ragged gasps as David with his knees pushed my wife's legs apart and his body slipped in between then they were both very excited and Linda's hair was circling her face n wild disarray David had his cock in his hand trying to find her opening when Linda reached down taking his cock and said there right there and then her lungs emptied in a huge gasp as he thrust into her and for seconds she laid there as her body got used to his thick cock then she began to move her body thrusting off the bed matching his trhusts and her legs circled his hips and her arms were around his back her fingernails dinntin into his back as they grunted moaned and cried out I could smell their excitement and I could hear their body's slapping against each other as they fucked mindlessly but at this pase it couldent go on for long and then Linda cried out her body arched off the mattress as he drove his cock deep into her and Linda body began jerk convulsively in orgasm and she was still cumming when David came to crying out with his orgasm grinding his body against Linda's as Linda laid there looking up at him laughing in delight as his body jerked in spastic jerks and he grunted in release then they lay there and I could hear their combined heavy gasps fr breath and Linda's musical breathless laughter her fingers tracing circled on his back and ass cheeks.
For the next two hours I watched them try every position in the bood and I loved it when
David would tease her with his cock head in between her pussy lips holding himself above her and slowly slipping his very thick cock head up and down her slimy slit then slowly ever so slowly he would push hiss cock head into her then pull it back out only to do it over and over again to her please of fuck me god dammit fuck me. The oder of their sex was almost intoxicating in the closed room when David said he couldent get it up again so they reluctantly kissed and we left.
Linda was asleep as I hooked up the trailer and headed back to Bandon she had laid the seat back and was snoring lightly with a smile n the lips all the way home.

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  • Your very lucky . My wife did 13 guys loved it wish she was still doing other men .

  • I have had a few sex adventures in Roseburg.

  • We used to shop there at Home Depot when we lived there.

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