Bi Sexual Grandmas

I knew both of my grandmas was really friendly to each other. They usually attend family activities and go camping with us. Grandma Joan, dad's mother, has large breasts which I envy. Mine's are small like grandma Lucy, mom's mother, which seems to run on her side of the family because mom barely has tits. At least mines are torpedo shape with big areolas, which turns on both of my brothers.
Both grandmas joined the holiday weekend camping with us. Mom and dad took my brothers browsing what was available in the area. I decided to stay and sunbath on the beach in my bikini. I wanted my grandmas to join me. I was in awe when I got to the camper. Both were naked kissing each other, sucking each other's tits and sticking their fingers in each others hairy pussy. They didn't know I saw them thru the window. I never would of guess they liked lesbian activities at their age. I'm technically bi sexual. I enjoy male and female and done threesome with male and female involvement.
I was turned on seeing grandma Lucy sucking and licking grandma Joan's big tits and fingering Joan's pussy. I removed my bikini top and stepped in saying, "Will someone here please put sun lotion on me! " They looked at each other and was surprised that I didn't say anything about what they was doing. I handed them the lotion and they both started rubbing it on me. "Mmmhhh! that feels good! " I said. I grabbed the lotion and said, "Grandma Joan you need some on those big tits and asked grandma Lucy to help me. " I began to kiss Lucy as we lotion up Joan's tit's. Grandma Joan slip her hand in my bikini bottom and fingered my bare slit playing with the clit. I confessed to them that I'm openly bi and don't mind being in a threesome. They made me promise that I keep our play a secret from the family. I enjoyed that holiday weekend.

3 months ago

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