This is new to us

Well until our children grew up we had a kind of normal sex life living in The San Francisco Bay area but after our youngest Daughter went to College in southern Ca . we had talked over about buying a vacation home on the Oregon coast ,
We had even talked to a realtor and she had agreed to send us listings and between Gold Beach and Port Orford we found a nice cabin on one acre of ground that fit our budget and maybe it was just the excitement of being alone with her that had turned me into a sex maniac but we couldent keep our hands off one another.
I was in my late 40,s and Linda was still a good looking 43 year old that could have passed for her early 30,s.
She had always kept herself in good shape and I was proud of her for it once we had this handyman come by to give us a bid on a back porch and as they were talking I stood back waiting for my turn but then for some reason as Linda was pointing out on her drawing about something she had his hand pulled to where she could look at it and then with a shock I suddenly pictured them in a sexual embrace and I was instantly hard so I sneeked into the house but I watched them from the window and he said something that made her laugh really hard god I wanted him to take her right there with me watching.
I couldent get it out of my mind and one night after we had made love and were talking I just blurted out my desire and she laughed thinking I was just kidding then she looked at me seriously and asked really my god what has happened to you and began laughing again.
I began to pester her about it and she was a sport letting me talk rolling her eyes when it came to her and my fantasy guy got into it we started to actually discuss the possibility's of it ever happening and laying out ground rules for if the possibility of it ever happening and she even let me take a picture of her nude with a mask on and run an add in a porn Mag looking for a guy but when the replays began to flood in she chickened out.
Guys as far away as Portland were responding to our add and it was a week before she agreed to meet with a guy but just to talk and nothing else so for several weeks we would meet with guys but Linda found something she just did not like about the guy and I was almost ready to give up but a guy a college student from Eugene answered our add she hit it off with him but wouldn't agree to get a Motel room so he asked if she would let him jack off looking at her breasts and she turned to me and asked what do you think and my throat felt dry and choked up so I croaked out go ahead.
We were parked at the beach access area in My Crew Cab pickup so she got in back with David and had raised up unbuckling his pants and Linda laughed and said Christ Larry I am old enough to be his Mother but she was watching him very closely as he squirmed in the seat pushing his pants down and when his hard dick popped out of his shorts slapping against his belly Lisa gasped her eyes wide in surprise it was at least 8 inches long and very thick and it flopped back and forth as he squirmed out of his shorts
Linda finally looked at me and said MY god he is huge Larry looking back at his cock as Dave began to stroke it spitting in his hand and he looked at Linda and asked can I look at your breasts please and Linda hurriedly reached under her blouse unhooking her bra and pulling her top off and I could see that her nipples were swollen into hard little pebbles and Linda had turned back to him now licking her lips in anticipation as he stoked his cock then he stopped and reached over taking her hand and Linda let him place it on his hard shaft and I saw her fingers close around his shaft and he began to stroke his cock gain with my wife's hand held captive on his cock .
Linda scooted over closer to him now watching for his eruption but he had good control and I told her better lean over and drool some saliva onto his cock head and like a sleep walker she leaned over opening her mouth to spit on his cock but instead her tongue flicked out circling his cock head so with his other hand he grabbed the back of her head and quickly pulled her mouth over his cock releasing her hand and using both of his hands now forcing Linda's mouth up and down on his cock frantically and Linda was struggling to get away but it was to late Dave gave out a loud ahhhaaaa UGH ....UGH ....UGH and he pushed his dick into the back of Linda's mouth and started cumming his hips bucking spastic ally as he got his nuts.
I was taken by surprise to but i couldent take my eyes off of my wife her lips were circled around the base of his cock looking stretched out to the max as she gagged and swallowed while he came grunting and thrusting against her chin then Linda broke free and tumbeled out of the truck gagging and vomiting his cum and I said you better go and he jumped out stuffing his cock back into his pants and was off like a rabbit running to his car and he was soon gone.
Linda got back in the front seat her eyes blazing mad as she sat there some of his cum was still on her chin so I wiped it off as she glared at me so I started driving home in silence and Linda was very quiet for about 5 miles then she started laughing almost hysterically and couldent stop so I pulled over and she got out still laughing and I was caught up in it now to and finally she calmed down and turned to me and asked well what do you think ???? Hon I think I think I want to fuck him and I am about ready to call him back so the next weekend he was also her first lover and she did very well for her first time.


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  • Such a hot story. My wife is 46 and always tells me about the young guys flirting with her at work. At first I thought it was sexy. As I thought about it more I finally asked her if there was a guy she would take home who would it be. She finally admitted to a guy named Paul who was tall and handsome and always smelled good. As time went by I encouraged her to flirt and before you know it they began meeting up. It has now been 8 mos and they have had sex countless times al the whilst him having no idea I know. I live it cause now she works out more and gets hit on even more. Her body is still very tight and her looks could pass for much younger. She hasn’t given into any of the guys st the gym saying Paul knows how to take very good care of her.

  • I love when a guy grabs my head and makes me swallow his nut. Hot.

  • So hot you are one lucky guy I bet seeing that beautiful big cock in her was a huge turn on for both of you.

  • Make him a keeper for her pleasure she can have so much fun.

  • That is so nice I really hope Linda keeps seeing David believe me having a well hung young stud is just great I have one that works with me we have been having sex for three years since he was 18 with my husbands approval, because girls at work started flirting with him I have him locked in a cock cage when he is not with me, it is just so great my own little slave and no fear of being caught

  • My old lady and I live in that area, mayhaps we can get together for a little play time together. We are a little older, and not much to look at, but my old lady takes it up the butt and would love to be double penetrated.

  • We moved back to The S F Bay area last September when I had double pneumonia ans she as been with a couple guys so far this year. She has admitted that she likes it at least for now.

  • Bummer that you left, not much action here in Curry. Hope you have fun down in the Bay area, beware the HIV and the butt herpes.

  • Yes ever since we moved back here we check the guys out very good and we only meet with married men now to it is much safer .

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