Date's Friend

I'd been on a few dates with this girl, but nothing physical was happening. She was a goody-goody and that was fine because she had an amazing body. I figured I would eventually get to see it. So one night we make plans to meet after I get off work; I'd bring my friend and she would bring hers. We have lots of drinks and end up a little intoxicated, doing body shots and chugging contests.
My date's friend and I were the only ones that smoked and had to step outside to do so. We got to talking about work and she said she needed a job. I had recently received a promotion and would be in charge of a new office, so I told her she could come in for an interview. If things worked out, I could have my own Monica Lewinsky. She laughed and told me that I was bad and dangerous. I didn't realize that the friend had stepped outside to see what was taking so long and had heard the conversation. So she shut down for the rest of the night, not drinking anymore, giving short answers, etc. As we're all leaving to go our separate ways, I hug my date goodbye and everyone takes off. I started walking toward my car and the friend pulls back in, pulls up next to me and says she doesn't think she should be driving. I told her we could talk until she felt better. I climbed into her truck and asked if she wanted to grab a bite to eat. She shook her head no but said she did want something in her mouth. She fumbled my belt and got my cock out and started sucking it. After I came in her mouth, she told me to move to the backseat. There, she undid her shirt and pulled out her tits. She started going down on me again, but I told her I didn't think I could go again. She said, "We'll see," and kept sucking. After coming all over tits, she said, "See what you would have to look forward to if you hired me?" I told her I would definitely give it some thought. The following day, I called her to set up an interview.
When she arrived she had on a jacket but took it off to reveal a low-cut shirt with her boobs spilling out of it. I laughed and told her that she really wanted this job, using her term "dangerous" to incite her a little more. She asked if we would be bothered and I said no, my dick throbbing through my slacks. So she undid her blouse and walked behind my desk. She got to her knees and went to work, but I wanted more than a blowjob. I told her to stand up and bent her over my desk. I only fucked her for a minute or two before pushing her chest to the desk and licking my hand. When I rubbed it over her asshole, she squirmed and said she didn't know, having not tried that before. I didn't care and shoved it in. I wasn't gentle or slow, pounding her hard. She was struggling to be quiet. I came in her ass and made up an excuse that I had a meeting and she needed to go, but I'd be in touch. When I got off work, I called her friend who told me to come by. We watched a movie and she ended up giving me a handjob. I told her I wanted to titty fuck her and while doing that, I put my unwashed cock in her mouth. I came all over her face and told her I had to go. Never spoke to either of them again.

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  • Yeah seems like bullshit to me.You had 2 girls up for it and you never spoke to either of them again.You lied to one of them to get laid,what a man you are.

  • You sound like an asshole.

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