Choke me out thanks

(17 m) I'm super horny right now and I really want a guy to hold me down and choke me hard until I pass out over and over again and throat-fuck me into oblivion thanks.

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  • Being choked to unconsciousness is dangerous. Having it done repeatedly even more so. I understand the fantasy, but it’s too dangerous for real life.

  • How's abput I just punch you in the face and knock you the fuck out, drag you out and throw you in a dumpster where you belong?

  • Calm down there Mr. Dahmer damn

  • I hear repressed sexual desires cause aggression.

  • Love the unnecessary anger here. Have a great day my dude.

  • He's a hateful retard bet he loves to suck nutz

  • Why do you heterophobes always insinuate that us straight people who voice our opinion about homosexuals, are somehow some sort of closeted fags? Does it make you feel more secure in your deviant little world to think that we really don't believe that your deviant Sodomistic behavoir is disgusting?

  • Alright, I think I'm gonna start this off by saying that I really just wanted to confess my choking kink somewhere and not discuss the morality of homosexuality or whatever the fuck, but I guess that's what's happening now. There is a very distinct difference between opinion and literally threatening to assault someone and throw them into a garbage bin. I don't particularly care whether you have a thing against homosexuality or not, whoever you do or do not want to fuck is not interesting nor compelling to me at all, and the joke insinuating that the original commenter was gay and well was a joke, first and foremost, and also plays off the somewhat-true idea that a good few of homophobic people are actually hiding their own insecurities about their sexuality based off the toxic environment in which they were raised which taught them that anything "deviant" was inherently evil. I am perfectly secure in my sexuality very much, regardless of dumb jokes I make (because they're jokes to diffuse tension from the fact that I was literally just threatened purely because of the gender of the person who's hand I want around my throat.) Also you spelled behavior wrong, at least use autocorrect or read what you type before sending shit thanks.

  • So, you can joke about me being a closeted fag, but I can't joke about knocking you out and dumping you in a dumpster? Typical Liberal logic, but, in your defense, I can tell by the fact that you feel compelled to point out spelling mistakes, on a site like this, that you are obviously still in school, likely highschool, I would guess. Most adults realize, that in the real world, where 30% of the US population can't even read or write English, spelling is irrelevant, as long as it is close enough for people to understand the message you are conveying. In the 30 years after graduating from college, I have not once been graded on my spelling, let alone fired from a job because of it. Maybe your mommy needs to ban you from visiting adult sites and posting your childish gay fantasies.

  • I mean, I think equating jokes on sexuality to jokes about assault a little off, but ok. And I pointed out your spelling as a joke as well, to try and lighten an already aggressive atmosphere, but since you want to use it to invalidate my own argument by remarking on my apparent age, I guess there wasn't much to hope for. Regardless, debating whether or not jokes are warranted or not and whether someone's sexuality is valid or not is pretty pointless, because neither side is ever likely to change their views and lifestyles. So go off I guess. Have a good day.

  • Yeah, seriously dude. I was only joking, and I do apologise if I made you feel threatened or disrespected. Honestly, I do have a strong dislike towards the homosexual lifestyle, but I do understand that some people are just that way, and I respect their right to do what they do, even if I don't approve.

  • It's all good my dude. Sometimes it's a little hard to read things as jokes online, you get me?

  • Lmao probably

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