It takes three

Her husband watches, transfixed, as their friend's cock presses against the full wet lips of her cunt.

"Mmmmm," she moans, as she lowers herself onto him. She takes in the unfamiliar cock slowly, enjoying its unfamiliar girth, the subtle differences from what she is accustomed.

"Ahhh . . . " She settles onto her friend slowly, until she rests against his base, fully engulfing his rod. He groans when she pauses to savor the sensation, feel the new member pulse and swell inside her. He twitches his hips up toward her in his need to fill her, move with her. The movement sends electric shivers up her spine as his stiff member moves inside her, probing her delicate womb. She meets her husbands eyes with a hungry grin, and reads his own lust.

She begins to ride up and down, her juices flowing around the cock inside her, lubricating it until it glistens along the whole length of her friend's pole. She picks up the pace, and he begins thrusting to meet her, grunting in rhythm to their efforts. "Oh fuck, your hot," he gasps, his breath coming in ragged gulps. "Oh, I need you to fuck me harder, I need you!"

She works him like a piston with increasing intensity, recklessly crashing, slapping her cunt down onto him, his cock piercing deep into her greedy womb. Over and over. Harder and harder. Building a frantic pace. "Pound me, pound me!" she cries. He responds, taking over, thrusting into her in frenetic rhythm, driving into her gathering orgasm.

She screams. He pulls her down onto him and he arcs up to meet her, thrusting deep. "Ughhh . . . unngh . . . . god!" She feels the sudden pressure of his ejaculate releasing somewhere inside her, warm and hot, filling her. She collapses on top of him, wracked by her own orgasm. Her face rests momentarily on the broad smooth chest of her friend. He hugs her with strong arms, kneading her tense back even as he slowly, tenderly starts fucking her again with his still hard member. She squeezes around his cock, milking it, and feels him twitch.

His cock starts to soften, and he slips out, releasing a warm flood of their mixed cum. It streams out of her glistening hole to spill onto his semi-flaccid cock and gather on his belly. She rolls off of him, onto her back, casting her lean, lithe torso out across the bed. Recovering, she reaches down lazily to the wet mound of her sex, with one finger dabbing at the sticky fluid still dripping from her pussy lips. Meeting her husband's mischievously twinkling eyes, she bring it to her mouth and makes a show of tasting it. "Mmmmm."

Her husband gets up and, without taking his eyes off his wife, moves over to their friend. He reaches out to his friend's spent cock, and begins to gently massage his genitals. Exhausted, the friend barely lets out an appreciative moan. The husband climbs onto the bed, and leans over his friend's cock, sparing a daring look for his wife. Then he licks at the puddled cum on his friend's abs. He moves down to the cock and starts sucking at the soft meat, tasting the combined cum, coaxing life back into the limb. He feels his friend's cock start to stiffen in his mouth and gives it a few more suck before her friend woke up a little and started moaning. My wife started making noises so he would think she was the one sucking him. She kept it up until he was blowing loads of his cum.

3 months ago

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