Coaxing Wife

Got a thing about seeing Dog porn. I finally talked my Wife into playing with our Dogs Dick. Baby steps.. Not sure if I can get her to go further. She said she's just doing it for me, but She seemed kind of intrigued. She was kind of shocked at how big the Dog's dick got cause he's not a very big Dog..just a mutt. I'm trying to think of a way to get her to go further but I would rather she do so on her own. Should I just keep having her play with the Dog and see what she does or go ahead and ask her if she wants to do more? Thanks

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  • Might feel kinda weird for you but if you help her hey the dog full then she might be more tempted to put it in her mouth and then you can do the whole put the socks on the paws, even tie up the wife and put a blindfold on her. Give her some meth, MDMA, or GHB or PT141 find really good knot videos maybe she'll get inspired. I never thought I'd get turned on by such a thing until I watched some girl mouth or pussy get filled with a massive load. Good luck.

  • She's on her way to getting pounded by dog cock.

  • Next step is to smear some Purina Dog Chow on your old ladys snatch and put a little up inside her, that dog will eat the living fuck out of her, and she will be hooked for life.

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