Younger neighbors

I used to watch and jerk off to my younger neighbors wife Ellie.She resembles a hotter Lisa Loeb .
I worked out in my shed which was next to her house.
There were many nights she walked around in panties and a tight t shirt.
It was one of the reasons that forced me to workout so much.Her husband traveled out of town a lot.
One night I looked through a window and saw her and a tall black guy next to each other about to kiss. Both were in the dinning room which I had perfect access to and she had no neighbors behind them.(I guess maybe that’s why she didn’t attempt to hide or close the curtains.)
Trying not to miss anything Ellie drops to her knees ,unzips his pants and started sucking on his cock. I didn’t know how to react so I immediately pulled out my cock and started to stroke. He turned her around and started fucking her doggie.
Her face was pointing directly at me. I know she was enjoying it from the facial expressions. Her eyes kept rolling back and I thought he was going to fuck her all night. I was so excited I exploded what seemed like spurt after spurt onto the shed floor. I had no idea what to think of Ellie from this point on. Whenever I worked on the yard it seemed like she purposely came over to talk with me.
I jacked off every opportunity I had thinking about her. It didn’t end there, there were more nights when strange black guys came by and they had sex. Always with the blinds open. One time a young black kid came by maybe 18 who probably had the biggest cock of them all. She seemed to be more turned on to him than anyone of them all. I counted at least 6 different guys in about 8 weeks.
I’m not sure if she found these guys on a dating app or if her husband had any idea what was going on. It was also hard talking to him. Maybe they both were into some open relationship. After living next to us for about a year they moved away and invited me to visit them.I really miss her

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  • I had a similar situation. My next door neighbor got a divorce not long after she moved in. She was cute, if not pretty, good figure, with small breasts. I would peek on her when she had various men over. Never saw much of anything, a flash of tit, or ass, her bush once or twice. She would walk on her treadmill in a workout room / tool shed, downstairs, and I could peek on her there, easily, if it was dark. She would usually be in a pair of panties and a sports bra. Her legs looked wonderful, and I would pull out my dick and masturbate on the outside wood paneling. After she surprised me, early one morning by shucking off her panties and bra to put in the wash, it became a regular thing. I was outside doing yard work when she was washing that paneling complaining, " I don't have a clue what that stuff is ! " and I shrugged innocently.

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