Sales manager/ Sales girl

We’re both married. I manage a sales team, she’s on another team. We have a big meeting and I’ve had a couple of beers and say something flirty. Not dirty or off color, mind you.
I don’t really know her all that well and this is a big company, not some little outfit, so I realize it was a mistake and immediately apologize and say “sorry, that was out of line”. She smiles nicely and just says “it’s ok Tom, don’t worry about it”.
I mingle with other team members the rest of the night. Avoiding contact and any possibility of another incident. I’m walking to my rental car to head back to the hotel. Im not drunk but am buzzed. She catches me in the car lot, almost running to catch up, and says hey can I get a ride? I asked if she drank anything and she says no, which confirmed what I thought I saw earlier. I said how about you drive? She does. In the elevator she talks about her presentation to the team the next day. Has some questions. Wants some help, says can you just come look at it...
My guard is down. This is professional. Two colleagues working together. She gets to the room, says come in, opens the laptop and asks a few questions.
Then it switches. She says you smell great. What is that?
Do you work out? While grabbing my arm.
Leans into my neck while smelling me.
She’s hot. 34. 2 kids. Fab body. Super smart. Top performer. Everything going for her. Making good money. $200k plus.
I’m hard in seconds. Tenting my dockers.
She puts her arm around my neck and whispers in my ear “I can keep a secret “. Oh shit. We’re kissing. We’re naked. We’re in her bed. Cock in her mouth. Pussy in my mouth. She cums. Hard. It’s delicious. I’m balls deep in no time. I hammer away at her. Flip her over. Our bodies are slapping. I cum deep in her slit.
We kiss. Say goodnight.
And act like nothing happened the next day.
Not sure where this goes from here.

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  • My virginity was taken at 17 by a plump 58 y.o. sales woman. It was during a holiday job and I had sex with her in the warehouse of the department store.

  • Sounds familiar. 2-3 times a year I get sent to conferences out of town with other supervisors. We'll hang in the hotel together working on our powerpoint presentations, drink wine, and get flirty because our spouses aren't around. I fucked two of my male coworkers on such a trip and a good time was had by all. We didn't carry on once we got back home, it was just a fling.

  • Hot. Did you fuck them both at the same time, or separately?

  • Maybe it doesn't go anywhere which is probably the best thing in reality.

  • Office romances are always complicated.
    I went overseas for six weeks one time with about a dozen coworkers and ended up sharing a hotel room with a coworker because she was worried about being alone. We had sex just about every day after work and she is married. We came back and amazingly nothing really changed at work, we get along great and have not done anything since.

  • So good, yours is a perfect set up, others don't always go as planned, my male friend fucked one of the sales girls at a conference and she just went overboard thinking he was going to be hers forever, ended up stuffing his marriage and they both got pissed off from the company.

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