Use Me

I really like being choked out and the idea of breathplay. I want someone who will make oxygen a privilege that can be taken away whenever he wills it. I want someone to use my mouth for their pleasure, never mine, and fck my mouth while they choke me out to the point that I pass out then continue to brutally face-fck my unconscious body until I wake up. I want food to be a privilege, sleep to be a privilege, water to be a privilege. Keep me awake for days then fck my useless delirious starving body until I'm raw and crying then chain me up by my neck with a collar that's too tight and leave me there. Strap a vibrator to my clt and shut me away for the night. Hurt me, use me as an outlet for a stressful day, take out your anger on me. Bruise me, make me bleed, make me plead for you to stop. Use me and use me with no concern for my pleasure or well being. I'm but a useless toy, less than even, to use and throw away.

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  • I had a husband that would keep me awake for days at a time, then make me fuck whoever he wanted. He’d cum in my food, make me duck off his friends, they’d piss on me. After my third pregnancy I left.

  • Good for you for leaving.

    Who would he make you fuck? Did he pimp you out?

  • His friends, for drugs yes, and a few times with strangers. Even though we were both drinking he’d tell me what a stupid worthless drunk I was. We’d walk home and he’d pull up my skirt or just take my clothes and and make me walk in just my coat, and pull it open or stop me and make me flash

  • Damn. Now that’s hardcore.

  • I'm into bdsm. So for me you have very beautiful desires.

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