Voyeurs window

How about any one who as a teenage looked in your neighbors window at night and what the experience was like as well as what you saw.

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  • <<<< was with a young friend, I was 16, he was 14. We were sneaking peeks. I thought our target was also 14, but, it turns out she was only 12. Nice ass, no tits, no pubis visible. Her mother joins her in the bathroom, and gets undressed. Mother is late 30s, small and saggy tits, grey nipples that appeared to be dead flesh, large ass dimpled like the surface of the moon, a scraggly beard of pubis that hung down like an unkempt goatee. I was just thinking, "Why the fuck am I risking getting caught looking at this sorry shit ? " when the night flared blue and yellow, a deafening boom from fuck knows what. We ran hundreds of yards away, hiding in an overgrown garden. Turns out it was the 14 yr. olds older brothers shooting off a cherry bomb, and some firecrackers. I never returned for another look. It wasn't worth it !

  • That’s I how I found out a gorgeous hot teacher at my school was into black sex. Her and her husband rented from my grandma for over a year. She had without a question the most perfect ass in the entire HS. Guys would drool over her and go out of their way to catch a glimpse of her perfectly round ass. Grandma asked me to go check on the property which was around 50 yards away from our land one evening as it was getting dark.She thought she had seen a black guy or two walking that direction. With her rooms completely exposed I saw them inside talking to her. Before long it was obvious what they came for. By this time it was completely dark she led them to her bedroom. As she undressed I was able to sneak to the bedroom with a small open spot in curtains she was starting to undress. Before long I was starring at her perfect gorgeous round ass in panties. I couldn’t help but start jacking off. She then sat on her bed with both black guys standing up as she unzipped both guys pants. It was my first experience seeing her suck and fuck black guys. At school it was hard to face her. This went on for at least 15-20 times some with her husband present and some not. When he fucked her she never experienced the deep fucking they gave her. I got to enjoy all the talk they both spat out as black guys fucked her. I spied on her many times even when she was alone walking around naked or in panties. She never had any idea

  • I'm 65 and I've been a pathological voyeur since the age of 14. I must admit, both age and advanced technology have curtailed my nefarious activity in recent years. I'm old enough that I'm not so driven by lust, and wise enough to know there are cameras everywhere, and being a peeping tom will wind you on a sex offender list should the law catch you. Ah, but, the days of old...
    Neighborhood teen queen, dropping cotton panties revealing a modest bush which surprised me. Her teacup titties and God-given ass were a delight but not so surprising. A neighborhood goddess had much bigger tits with the puffy nipple thing going on, Her ass had boils on it, reducing the goddess attributes. Watching a college age couple fuck in every position, as though they were auditioning for a porn flick. An old drunk, next door, jerking his surprisingly huge cock to orgasm, shooting his cum into the sink instead of his shrewish wife, a pale, lithe creature, mean, but infinitely fuckable. By 16 years old I knew what every woman in the neighborhood looked like, nude.
    Once older, and out on my own, I discovered pornography and it helped control my base urges. But, when opportunity presented itself, I would prowl my heavily wooded neighborhood, sometimes completely nude, and peep and jerk my hard cock. It's true, being a pathological voyeur goes hand-in-hand with being an exhibitionist. I was very lucky I never got caught in those activities either.

  • I had an attic room in our house, and a house kinda to the side of ours had a bathroom with a high level window facing ours. It was frosted glass, but I think the daughter liked hot showers and opened the window a bit. If I pressed my face against my window looking at a tight angle I could see in to the bathroom as the daughter showered. I could only see above the waist and often just her back, but saw enough of her tits to wank off. I think she was young teen when I noticed her first, and she was there until I moved out. Her shower times were quite dependable so I came wanking over her almost every day for several years.
    I could see further down to one small part of the bathroom that she hardly ever went to, so she was normally out of sight when dressing or undressing. Very occasionally she would go to the correct corner and make my wank special as I got to see it all

  • The house behind ours when I was growing up was rented to students so changed every year. One year there was a girl in the room that faced mine and in the lighter months she would leave the house before it got dark so leave her curtains open and then come back drunk and forget to shut them. It would be between 1 and 3 am but I wouldn't know when. As she came in she would put the light on and because it was dark be really lit up. She would usually wear dresses which I would see drop from either front or back, followed by bra if there was one and her panties. I would then see her walk round gathering new panties and PJ's before putting out the light. She was very hot, shaved pussy, perfect ass. I would wait up and lay in bed naked. As soon as the light went on I would start wanking and had about 2 minutes of naked perfection to cum.
    Occasionally she would bring a guy back and I would see them kissing before getting naked and putting on a sex show, I would want slower for a better cum. It was only one year when I was 15, she would have been 19. I was soo tired that year staying up to see this beauty naked!

  • When I was around 14 we had moved to a new neighborhood. The houses were literally so close together you could hear people talking if there windows were open. I used to go into our attic and look out this louvered vent like window and could see directly into my neighbors bathroom . They never had a curtain on the window I guess because it was high up and faced what would be our attic. I watched the mother bath almost nightly and was always thrilled to see her stepping out of the tub getting that full view of her tits and bush. On a few occasions I saw there daughter who was maybe 12 at the time. The most memorable by far was seeing the mother with her leg on the tub shaving. Her tits hanging down and every once in a while a peak at her pussy. I dumped lots of cum staring at the woman.

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