Dad doesn't care

I'm slowly losing my mind i think, bc my mom has been having an affair and my dad doesnt seem to want to do anything about it. my mom has been fucking a guy from work and they are a total item, like she has him over to our house and they fuck in my mom and dads bed when my dad isnt around. i can hear them and its nasty. to top it off he has a really bland personality imo and barely says hi to me when he's over. he is not a friendly person. he's cold and just wants to fuck my mom i think. he even brought over another guy once and they disappeared into the bedroom to tag team my mom in a 3way. gross.

i told my dad that moms fucking around but he said "i know" and refuses to do anything about it. it makes me crazy. he says we'll always be a family but i dont know, this is so fucked up.

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  • I would recommend just telling your dad. If he wants to talk about it your always there for him. He needs a support system. I went threw the same thing and it sucked. I wouldn’t leave because I didn’t believe in divorce. Caution when a man is going threw this. He could imprint on you if you are a female and can be confused. Do not tease him sexually or in any way that could lead to sex if you don’t want that.

    He needs you to be there for him. Invite him to watch a movie together or a board game.

  • You could always take care of your dads needs, and let the whore have all the strange cock she wants.

  • You need to get in on the action and fuck your mom out of anger. Catch her when no one is around, hopefully not wearing much, if anything. Then just fuck her pussy, grope her tits and nipples until you cum in her pussy. If your a girl, get a huge cock strap-on. Anger fuck your mom in the ass, if you have to knock her out first, that's alright. Make her feel like her ass had been fucked by a train.

  • Not your business, if your Dad knows keep out of it. Maybe he likes it, that is not uncommon.

  • Next time she's getting tag teamed and DP'ed you need to strip buck naked and join in.

  • Are you his daughter or son?

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