Nasty Divorce

I'm in the middle of a nasty divorce. My wife Sara is the love of my life. We were college sweethearts and have been married 7 years. She is still the most beautiful woman on whom I've ever laid my eyes: blonde, beautiful face, c-cup tits, bubble ass and tight pussy. I never cheated on her or even thought about another woman, because no one could compare to her.

The problems we had and continue to have are more deep personality conflicts than anything, and we just couldn't handle it anymore. She started treating me like shit about two years ago: constant bitching, making me feel shitty about being unemployed and generally second-class in the relationship. I think she has a greedy streak and thinks she can upgrade. We don't have kids, although I really wanted one with her before things took a downturn.

As part of the divorce settlement, she gets the house, while I get most of our savings that we have in the stock market. I still have a ton of stuff at the house that I'm moving into my condo and storage unit, so I'm over often. What pisses me off is that she tries to rub it in that we're done by having sex with guys while I'm there. She does it out in the open, as though she's flaunting it.

I was getting shit out of the house last weekend and she was getting fucked by some boyfriend in the living room. It was a different guy than she was with the week before I was there. She was saying things like "God, you are so much better than [me]" and when he came in her she said, "Wow, now that was probably a baby-maker. Let's hope so. [Me] could never knock me up."

It's going to be a couple of months before the divorce is finalized, but I'm sad and devastated by how nasty this divorce has been. Please tell me my heart will heal and that I'll find someone as attractive as her to love me.


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  • Yes your heart will heal. Some day you will go the whole day and not think of your horrible ex wife. With any luck you will find someone who cares about you and you alone. Someone posted you should take pictures, maybe you should and post them around, see how she likes that shit.

  • Take pictures of their fucking in case she ever tries to come after your money.

  • I am glad I never got married nor had kids.

  • My ex left me about ten years ago and I guess it was like two years later she just showed up during my Thursday night poker game I have hosted for years. We all heard someone walking down the stairs and I was really surprised to see her. She was walking around talking to everyone and had on a pretty revealing top and shorts. Short ending we all ended up fucking her for about an hour and she smiled at us as she was leaving saying she would be back next month.

  • You are better off without someone that would be so callous.

  • You sound like a little pussy to me, it's no wonder she's leaving you. You need to man up and beat the shit out of any man she's fucking in front of you, until the divorce is finalized. At the very least, bring some hot babe over and fuck the living shit out of her in front of your wife.

  • It's going to take a lot of time. Try to focus on getting through today, and by trying not to think of her. Eventually, you will wake up one morning and realize that you have forgotten about her. You will have days that you will stumble, and a memory will come screaming back to you. You're human, and you were in love. It happens. Try to hang out with positive, supportive friends, and try to find a hobby to keep you busy so that you don't feel bad and keep her memory at bay. Honey bee keeping helped me. It made me the patient, sweet guy that I always been. You're in my prayers brother. Be strong.

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