Sleeping sister

I got this younger sister, she's 14 months younger then me. We used to share bedrooms and I found her sleeping on her stomach one night wearing these tight, navy blue, short, shorts. My dad wasn't always home at night because he worked a lot. I was standing over her and I got an erection right away thinking about having sex with her. I tried to wake her by kicking her lightly on her ass, but she didnt move. I tried a couple more times but she was out. I started jerking off as I knelt down beside her on the floor, I put my fingers up her short, shorts and finger banged her a bit. Her pussy was wet. I wanted to fuck her but I don't think she has sex before. I just got on top of her and started dry fucking her, sliding my dick along her pussy from the back. I did this for about 30 seconds, and got up and busted a nut on the floor beside her. I fell asleep after that. I continued to do this for maybe 2 years. Until I wouldn't be able to share a room with my sisters because we moved into a bigger place. We all had our own rooms and eventually all moved out. Now she has a family and I still wanna fuck my sister. How should I talk to her?

1.3 years ago

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    • Get her drunk and then fuck her while she's asleep

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