Cuckold husbands

I read quite a few posts here about relationships where the husband is considered a cuckold however very few if any ever mention the husband being locked in a chastity cage.
I feel it is essential for a real cuckold relationship that the wife is in complete control, dominating her man and that means having his penis caged, locked and under complete control.
I took a while (two months) plus lack of sex to get my useless husband into a cock cage five years ago, I assure you it was the best thing I ever did he is so subordinate, quite and considerate you would not know how he changed by far for the better, around home he does all of the housework, cooking, washing plus tends the lawns, gardens and anything else I want always wearing a plastic french maids outfit with heels, I have two young studs that satisfy me sexually whenever I feel the need.
Whenever I need to shave and clean my husband I always cuff him behind and also cuff his ankles, for a thrill I masturbate him to precum but thats it, in five years I have given him six blow jobs and five hand jobs allowing him orgasms, I ensure he thanks me every day for the last time but he never knows when the next cum will be.
Now ladies that is what is really a cuckold husband, not one of your pretends or play ones


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  • Your husband sounds like a fool. If he had any brains he would run away from you at the speed of light.

  • About 3 years ago I caught my husband cheating with his secretary he immediately was locked in a cock cage I advised him she was to stay employed with his company as his secretary and do as I say otherwise her husband would find out, I started a hot relationship with a younger man that also works at my husbands company
    When I have my lover over on a weekend my husband has to wash, dry and iron his cloths plus wash and clean his car all while dressed in a maids outfit wearing heels
    I often phone his secretary and have her tell my lover I am horny and want him to come over then she has to advise my husband Tom will be fucking your wife this afternoon
    About once every five months I have her come over, release my husband and watch while she gives him a blow job while I take videos
    This is just so good and ultra humiliating him seeing that cheating slut every work day and also my boyfriend a lot better than a messy divorce although I would have got nearly everything

  • How about this for an idea sweetie, have the secretary come over get naked on all fours and have Tom or a male prostitute fuck her doggie up the arse while your husband watches and you take video's

  • Thank you I think I might try that but Tom is not going to put his wonderful dick anywhere near that slut but videoing my husband doing her doggie anally while Tom and I watch could be just so humiliating

  • OH girl you have it all so smart, that will teach the cheating prick, I just love the way you humiliate both of them and have total control of the situation, all the best to you xxxx

  • I have had my husband in chastity for two years, I really love pegging him

  • My husband will soon be locked into a chastity device, he has been accusing me of cheating for about a year so to prove I was not I had my labia's pierced so he could put in two small red heart shaped padlock's so then I started insisting he have a Prince Albert piercing and ring but he agreed to a chastity device instead with me being the keyholder.
    I think it is only fair and reasonable and am sure we will both be happy.

  • You can have both if you like there are specific cock cages that cater for men that have a Prince Albert ring, I have my husband locked in one

  • Your so right, I have been trying to get my husband to wear a chastity cage while I keep the keys, I am pretty sure I am close but still keep bringing the subject up, when it happens he is going to get such a shock

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