Cuckold husband

My husband has wanted me to cuckold him ever since we were first dating. Cuckolding has never interested me, in this case because my husband wanted to include Femdom.
But then my bf, on a drunken ladies night out said i should use it as a way to get my way with other things.
So, after some theatre, I finally agreed to cuckold my husband, but only if it was with a BBC.
I think he was keen on a BBC anyway, but he was smart enough to agree in order to get what he wanted.
That was 12 months ago and since then I’ve had four different BBC lovers. My husband and I have slipped into a what is essentially a full time sexual relationship. I didn’t think I would ever be in this position, but I get what I want and so does he.
I am not sure where to next, but my husband seems to want to take things further and further. He says hey would like to see me with two guys at once. I’m keen for that if we can do it, what he doesn’t know is that I would be looking to find some guys that would also tie him down and fuck him first.
Although I’m not sure how much I’m willing to let this take over beyond our sex life, it’s fun at the moment, but who knows.

5 months ago

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    • We both know where this is going, soon you will be doing men without your husband present or even knowing about it. You will make him sleep somewhere else while you fuck a new lover in your bedroom with your husband in the house somewhere , maybe in the basement so he can hear what is going on in the bed room. He will be an invisible person in your home while you have your lovers from time to time .
      Sooner or later you will find the perfect man and kick your husband to the curb or use him as a slave for your personal pleasure.

    • Yesterday in my dream my friend came visiting and we end up cajoling my wife to have threesome sex. He had a nine inch cock when erect compared to my 5 inch size. I saw we getting naked and myself guiding my wife to sit over my friend's erect cock and putting he hard cock into her wet pussy. I could feel the hardness and throbbing of his strong cock. As slowly sits down on his cock I push her to his chest and her big boobs being pressed by his hands and myself penetrating her pussy from behind. With both cocks in her pussy she moans and my friend thrusting his cock and his balls hitting my ball while fucking her violently. Meantime I insert my thumb inside her anus and she moans loudly. I pull back my cock and inserts it in to her anus. But she seems to be in a ecstasy that she barely feels which is in which hole and felt she was enjoying the maximum.

      They change the position and he was eating her pussy and I felt awkward as I was jerking his cock and blowing his hardness. My cock though erect felt still placid but his was too strong and had to pull back to position it in to my mouth. Later he tried all positions on my and myself some where in between sucking fucking etc. was part of the action. But I woke up from the sweet dream and was wondering if it was true or would ever happen so.

      My wife I think have a satisfying sex with my 5 inch cock. Still when we watch some porn and coming across some big cocks I have seen her expression of wonder in her eyes. So I had that feeling, a fantasy that given a chance my wife may agree to try another man with a cock bigger in size than mine. Though we had casual talks of other men's cock wife never shows any interest in extra marital activity.

      And while bathing together I have seen my friend's hung cock and have wondered how it would be when erect. These factors may have resulted in such a dream.

    • Wish I was your husband would love to be forced to suck dick and get fucked in front of my wife.

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